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foiled by the time change

By Tara Zandra | November 4, 2012

This morning was supposed to work perfectly. I got up at my normal time and was just about to start my workout (feeling refreshed with extra sleep thanks to DST ending) and out came Daisy- naked. She thought it hysterical that she woke up naked and has no explanation. She should be asleep, but she’s wide awake and as my gym is her tv room- she wins. I felt sure she would sleep as it’s not been a week of sleep for the AncFam. Chris and Tabi will sleep until someone forces them to get up but that doesn’t do me any good. I was counting on this extra hour to help the family catch up on much-needed sleep, but I guess Dee didn’t need it as much as I thought.

Let’s back up to Friday- Disneyland! For the whole day. I cannot remember the last time we did that. Not quite open to close, but still a really, really long day. We took a friend for Tabitha and the two of them were on their own having a grand time. They packed a ton of stuff in- both World of Color and Fantasmic, Splash, Space, Thunder, Pirates, Star Tours, Haunted Mansion, Tarzan’s Treehouse, Tower of Terror, California Screamin’, Soarin’, Symphony Swings, and I’m sure a few more. They had a fantastic time and closed Disneyland down at 11pm.

Daisy and I took a much slower pace. We rode a few rides, criss-crossed to both parks several times and took an hour and a half to do absolutely nothing while we waited for Chris to join us after work. The three of us then had dinner and killed a little time waiting for Mad T Party to start. Alas, twasn’t the right Hatter. So off we went to Tomorrowland to check out the band there. They aren’t a band put together by Disney so they had originial songs mixed with covers. It’s no T Party, but we enjoyed relaxing with live music. I was dead tired from a whole day of walking so not sure I would have been up for T Party anyway. After a while, everything Daisy wanted to do was a long line (we had zero lines during the day) and both my legs were really killing me. I convinced her it was time to go (and by convinced, I mean I forced her to leave against her will) and Chris stuck around to listen to more music while waiting for the older girls to be done. It was nice having the option to leave since we had two cars with us. All told, I was there from 10 until 9:30- that’s about twice as long as my preferred time.

Tabitha’s friend spent the night so yesterday morning was kind of lazy. I liked having the friend here, I did not like the late start to the day. We took her home around noon then stopped at my in-laws’ for just a bit. Grocery shopping was then necessary and then it ended up being a late dinner. But we got Kid 2 to bed easily enough so the rest of us watched Once Upon a Time- we’re almost caught up on this season though another records tonight. Then we got rid of Kid 1 and Chris and I finally watched Survivor which was delayed due to Halloween. I was good for one more show and then was ready to drop.

Here it is not even 7am and two of us are raring to go. What a waste not to be going back to Disneyland today ;)

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