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By Tara Zandra | October 24, 2006

I’m on that “getting rid of stuff” kick again. I went through a few kitchen cupboards last week and got rid of every sports bottle and souvenir cup we had up there. Most of them were full of dust because they never get used. I also got rid of a few gadgets that have not been used in a long time. This enabled me to move the blender and coffee maker up into the cupboard and off the counter. Neither item gets used enough to warrant it being out for show. Next is to find a place for my gigantic soup pots and also to consolidate my three utensil holders down to two. The entry way closet needs it’s twice yearly organizing as well, but I’m in no mood for that.

Mother Nature proved her sense of humor by raining leaves down on me as I was raking. Yeah, funny.

Now I’m physically tired, but there’s a pile of books in the living room that wasn’t there before Daisy spent 10 minutes in there while I was raking and Tabi was drawing. I really hate picking up books, it turns out. Oh, and she ripped another page out of a book and I just don’t know how to keep Tabitha’s books safe anymore. I can’t make them inaccessible and I can’t follow Daisy around every single second. She’s usually pretty good about them, but it’s that 5% of the time she’s wreaking havoc that have me worried.

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