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popping in

By Tara Zandra | October 22, 2012

I felt like updating since it’s been awhile, but I have difficulty typing right now. Not a big deal, just a cut on my pinky and the band-aid coupled with the slight pain when pressure is applied makes it hard not to make frustrating typos.

The last week was a bit trying but whatever. Both kids had an orthodontist appt. Tabitha is ready to move forward with braces and I expect her to have them by the end of the year. Daisy has a cross bite that we are attempting to fix with a bite stick, but she will be reevaluated in a month or so. Frankly, I don’t think it will work and she will also most likely have some form of braces soonish.

Tabitha started public speaking- I chose not to do anything with the younger siblings because I can’t do everything. Hell, I don’t even want to do everything but have some strange idea that that I can and should. All I really want is to stay home and do lessons, and then shop when we’re done, and hit Disneyland whenever the urge strikes. Darn non-robotic children who want to have friends, and my desire to broaden their world with classes ;-)

We had violin Thursday which went well. No crying jags or refusals to play from Dee. Did I mention that? I don’t remember.

Dance was utter crap last week. The director is out of town and the studio essentially fell apart in her absence. I’ve been there long enough to know this is not the norm and even I’m annoyed at this point. One more week and we can get back to normal there.

Friday wasn’t as long as usual but it was late. Park and then Tabitha went to a school dance. We didn’t get home until almost 11 and then no sleeping in because Tabitha had a first-aid training for 6 hours but it was very far away from home. The rest of us spent the time at an awesome mall. Seriously, that mall more than made up for the drive there and back. Downside was Tabi caught a cold so she was not up for the day and was pretty whiny. At least after the fact she said she had a good time.

Sunday was a birthday party which Tabitha bowed out of so she could rest. But Daisy had a fantastic time and Chris and I got to hang with the cool kids so we were happy. We then had a lazy Sunday afternoon which was just what we needed. Napping and tv watching and a simple dinner. Good times. We ended up staying up far too late though to watch a movie so today is starting off a bit tiredly. I chose not to work out instead using this time to catch up on the internet (odd thing) and do a bit of planning for the day. I haven’t really planned in a while, not full menus or lessons, or really anything, and need to do something. But I’m feeling the pull of being tired and really just want to make it a math and violin day (again).

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