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out of sync

By Tara Zandra | October 15, 2012

Nothing seems to be working in regards to days we need to be certain places.

Activity started the week before I was promised it would start which made it very difficult to work with our vacation.

Other activity started a week early, also clashed with vacation and was then missed.

Had concert tickets- no sitters available.

Had more concert tickets- again no sitters.

Had to do a favor for parent- no one to take kids (recurring theme now).

More concert tickets- same days as annual family event which we now need to leave early.

Went to buy Disneyland Halloween tix- sold out all but two days. Had a choice between Halloween and other day- chose Halloween so T wouldn’t miss a big Girl Scout event. Turns out that event is the week before but we can’t exchange the tickets. I don’t want to go on Halloween, I like being home and passing out candy, plus I like getting the extra wearing out of the costume.

Went to Disneyland to see two specific people- chose bad day and couldn’t see either.

Planned Disneyland trip- invited to birthday party that is more important to us.

Planning last Disneyland Halloween day trip this Saturday- Tabitha has an already paid for Girl Scout event very, very far away from Disney. I know it’s just Disneyland and we go all the time, but we had planned to do the Halloween activities one last time. It’s tradition for us.

Daisy has to attend an extra dance class tonight- Chris is sick so I have to also take Tabitha to Girl Scouts and can’t be back in time to pick up Daisy. This one was solved easily enough but it’s just one more thing. But we’ll be having PB&J for dinner which isn’t exactly what I’d like to serve.

I gave the girls today off so I could get a ton of paperwork done- I feel like a lead ball is in my stomach as it’s been hurting all day and I’ve had a killer headache the whole day. I’ve accomplished nothing but laundry (and whining!) and would have had an easier time focusing on lessons. Now I’ll need to find a way to get this stuff done by Friday and I have zero time to do it as this week will see us at ortho appts. for both kids, violin lesson for both kids, public speaking for the big kid, and of course, every afternoon is dance. Plus, I’m supposed to run a meeting for the little kids during public speaking and it looks like that is not going to happen simply because I haven’t planned it and don’t have time to plan.

I just feel like nothing has really panned out and it’s wearing on me.

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