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By Tara Zandra | September 30, 2012

Still thinking about where to look for my Navigators so I can finish the cruise report. But didn’t want September to be devoid of the other stuff going on.

This past week was pretty good with lessons and dance. I think this year’s schedule actually works better with lessons and is less chaotic. You wouldn’t think so what with it being something like 17 hours a week, but somehow it’s working. Thank goodness. Although next month we start both American Girl and Public Speaking, so that won’t help. I’ll be doing a lapbook group with the younger siblings again, this time I’m going with Games Around the World because they’ll get to play as well as create a new lapbook to take home.

Friday night after we picked the girls up from dance, we headed to California Adventure for Mad T Party. I don’t know why Chris and I enjoy it so much- I mean, the songs don’t change from week to week at all- but for whatever reason, we have a fantastic time. We really do love watching the Hatter as I’ve mentioned before, he really has a great stage presence and that makes it a lot of fun and this past Friday was no exception. The first two sets were good, but then sets 3 and 4 were really high energy and even more enjoyable. I love when he gets into the songs- it can make a song I’ve heard many times be even more fun. And he sings them very, very well and we’ll keep going as long as he’s singing :)

The guitar player is newish (I don’t know who he is, but he’s clearly much younger than the previous guitar player we saw so I can tell the difference even with the wig and makeup) and man does he enjoy his gig pandering to all the teeny boppers. A lot of the people up front seemed to be there for him. But hey, we’re there for one specific Hatter so I guess we all have our favorites. Anyway, we’re not the only ones who go several times as we can recognize other guests from previous visits as well. Not sure when we crossed to the dark side of the Annual Passholder world, but there you have it. Me from twenty years ago who worked at the park and watched guests go gaga over attractions would not be happy with current me. But I once dated a guest for a few months, so I know not all APs were bad, lol.

So while Mommy and Daddy are singing along to cover songs, the girls ditch us and go ride rides together. We give them money- they leave. Didn’t realize we were at that part of our life but I guess so. Daisy rode California Screamin’ for the first time. It’s a big deal because it has a loop and she’s never done that before. Of course, I didn’t see it because I was too busy raising my glass to a Pink song, but she says she loved it and wants us all to go on next time. If we could just get her to conquer her fear of Space Mountain then I would be happy. The fact that it’s in the dark is what bothers her because she can’t see what’s coming. She likes all the other coasters, and has ridden Space 3 or 4 times. She mentioned recently that she thinks she wants to try it again, but it’s currently in Ghost Galaxy theme for Halloween and that won’t help her fear of the dark and would probably give her nightmares. She’s prone to them, poor thing takes after me, so I won’t willingly put her in a possible trigger position.

Hmm, titled the post Halloween and now need to wrap this up. Well my main point was to say we got both girls’ costumes yesterday, though Daisy’s is just ordered. Today I’m going to get the house tidied and cleaned and then we decorate. Bring on Fall!

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