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By Tara Zandra | September 29, 2012

Day after Juneau was to be spent in Ketchikan. We had an interesting excursion booked, but with the day before in non-stop rain and Daisy being sick, we felt in our best interest to cancel the excursion. Disney felt otherwise as they have a no refund policy. I don’t blame them but Chris did talk to them a bit and in the end they refunded one adult and one child which was very generous of them. So we paid to not go anywhere, but still feel it was the best decision. So what did we do? We just walked around Ketchikan which was 1000 times better than Skagway. Frankly, unless you are interested in gold panning (and those of us from California have kind of had our fill), then I feel Skagway is a ridiculous stop. As one cast member put it “6 blocks of fun” with emphasis on the sarcasm. Seriously, it’s nothing but jewelry stores. And while I’m on the subject, why are all ports filled with jewelry stores?

Our first order of business was in Ketchikan was to get “real” food at a café; one with internet, preferably. We did find a little place that had bagel breakfast sandwiches and Naked Juice, and while not free wi-fi, we at least were able to get regular cell service. Of course, not more than a block down, there was “the best Mexican food in Alaska” or something like that. But they also sold pizza so they probably would have done it wrong anyway so I didn’t mind too much that we didn’t see it until after the café.



Afterwards, we checked out the shops which were interesting, kids made purchases, I bought an ornament and in general it wasn’t a bad couple of hours. There was a natural history museum I wanted to go in, but I was voted down by every other member of my family, so back to the ship it was.

We finally saw some famed, Alaskan wildlife in this area. Except it was in the form of dead salmon. Lots and lots of dead salmon. If your goal is animals, don’t come in September, folks!

Had high hopes for Dolly’s House. Come to find out it was a tour of an old brothel. But hey, family friendly! Frankly, if it’s a family friendly brothel tour, how interesting could it have been? We passed.

Other than that, we enjoyed the ship before and after Ketchikan. We didn’t dock that morning until 10:30am so Chris and I finally made it to the gym. One day outta 6, but that’s one more day than our last cruise! Let me tell you, all the promos show people on treadmills looking out to the ocean. What they don’t show is the height of the treadmills which make it near impossible to see out without crouching while running and they put Tvs on top of them all. Nothing was seen of the ocean, let me tell you. Although, I’ll admit I did see one seagull fly by while I was running to “I Ran” by Flock of Seagulls So there was that.

After Ketchikan we had the never ending laundry. One load was put through the dryer something like 4 times and we even used 2 different dryers thinking that was the problem. In between bouts of checking the dryer, Chris rubbed my temples and massaged my neck as I had picked up one hell of a migraine. He took care of me for over an hour while Daisy played her DS (T was naturally at her club). Eventually I took a hot shower and that helped though I still needed a small nap before dinner to completely rid myself of it all.

While I napped, both girls chilled in the room and Chris was at Name that ‘70s Tune where he came in third. When I woke, the girls and I dressed for semi-formal night and I discovered my dress, which fit fine in my mirror at home, somehow became very short in the ship’s mirror and I was rather self-conscious. But there was a character to meet so off we went to see Mickey! Er, make that Chip and Dale as Mickey’s line was too darn long.


We then had dinner with Chris and once again, I wasn’t pleased with the food. We’ve apparently reached the part of my journey where the food stops being good. The soups are usually flavorful and desserts are of course, divine, but the entrées are lacking and after enough days, I get tired of it. I was dreaming of a PB&J at this point, which is kind of sad. Afterwards when I was trying to describe to a friend why I get tired of the food, I actually had a hard time. I think it’s just a style (and what that style is, I don’t know) that isn’t flavorful enough for my palate. And it’s all the same. I mean, I like Chinese food, but I don’t want it for 7 solid nights and most lunches. So maybe it’s not that it’s not that great of food, maybe I’m just bored by the end.

We were trying to eat fast because Goofy was making an appearance in his PJs and of course, I had to get Miss Daisy with her new PJs and Goofy. So she and I scarfed our food and then ran to a restroom so I could change her. Had it been a regular dress code night and not semi-formal, I probably would have just taken her to dinner in her PJs. But it all worked out and Goofy and Daisy played with their respective stuffed animals and I got my picture.


I’m going to conclude here because this is the end of all the blogging I did while on the ship. Now I have to find my Navigators and compare them with pictures to figure out what we did next. Stay tuned!

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One Response to “Ketchikan”

  1. Mel Says:
    October 7th, 2012 at 11:23 pm

    Such fun to follow your trip! I’ve enjoyed it. I’m giggling at the family friendly brothel tour. We went as a family on the Seattle underground tour, near the Pike Market. And it’s all about, um, the history of prostitution in the city and it ends with a gift shop with such themed items. It wasn’t explicit but kind of awkward with a tween…made for some discussion afterward. Sigh.