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now a real post

By Tara Zandra | October 20, 2006

I [heart] our new park group, I must say. I wake up every Friday morning not dreading where we have to be but looking forward to where I *want* to be. I rarely like group events and the amount of parties I’ve skipped out on is astounding to the point where some people have simply stopped inviting us and others have threatened to come pick me up and drive me there to get us to show up. In any case, this is one group event I love. It’s the right time of day, wonderful women and kids and we all have a great time. Today was only our third meeting and I am so grateful that it came together. I’ve been looking for nearby homeschoolers for years and it’s finally happened. Happiness is being exuded.

One bad thing today would be Daisy only slept on the drive home and awoke upon our arrival to the garage. Tabitha decided singing her a lullaby was the way to go. Now, I don’t know if that’s what kept Daisy awake or not, but I was mighty cheesed off, this baby *needs* her sleep without question. I’m hoping she’ll take another snooze when we head off to violin or maybe while she and I walk to the grocery store (the stroller lulls her to sleep more often than the car). If she doesn’t sleep anymore I can at least thank goodness that it’s Friday and I’ll have Chris for the next two days if this have a negative affect on her behaviour.

The plan for this evening is to go for a family walk after dinner and then Tabitha and I are going to bake a marble cake. Tabitha chose the recipe herself out of Family Fun magazine and checked for ingredients in the house and then made the shopping list. She’s super excited :)

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