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quick take

By Tara Zandra | September 23, 2012

Hell must have finally frozen over, people. Last night I danced. Willingly. In front of others and my husband. Just so you know, that’s the first time he’s seen me dance and we’ve been together 18 years.

But let me back up to where I left off. Picture with Daisy Duck, then the anticipated dinner.


Yesterday evening’s dinner was the much looked forward to show night at Animator’s Palate. It did not start off well when it turns out that our table placement pretty much sucked. Then the entrees really didn’t appeal to me. Then Tabitha said she felt ill and left early to lay down. When the show started, we basically saw nothing. It was a true disappointment, especially since we had such a great table assignment last time. Oh well, at least we had seen it before.

our view



After dinner, we checked Daisy in for Girls Chill which was basically make-up. Boys Chill at the other club apparently consisted of competitions. Way to help those stereotypes, Disney @@ But I do have a heck of a girly-girl and make-up application was right up her alley.

D with her make-up done.

Chris and I then headed to One Hit Wonders night. But the way it worked was you had to be on the dance floor following dance instructions, the first person to jump onstage and give the song and band names of the one hit wonder, would get a free shot. I had zero intention of making an ass of myself so I sat in the front row to watch the others (my husband included). He got the first song and the first shot. Then they played “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister and I certainly wasn’t going to sit still while no one else could figure it out (aside from Chris) so I jumped on stage and answered and that pretty much was the end of sitting for me. I did all the stupid dances, answered a few of the hits, and won an extra shot for doing the best MC Hammer dance (I’m thinking the fact that I did it in heels gave me the edge). So alcohol was involved, but it was about 99% Capri Sun and 1% some kind of alcohol I couldn’t even taste. They gave Chris an extra shot at the end for knowing the most songs. He knew more than he answered because they wanted new people to answer each time if possible.

So that was fun. I’m 38 and finally learned how to loosen up. All it took was cheesy dancing and a feeling of competitiveness. Oh, and the host used to work Jungle at Disneyland, though he’s more than 10 years younger than me so we did not work there at the same time- but it still made me like him more.

After we picked up Daisy and came back to the room, we found Tabitha tucked in and watching High School Musical. So Daisy hopped into bed and they both finished the movie before going to sleep at 1am. How I am ever going to get them back on schedule, I don’t know.

So that brings us to today. What day is it? No freaking idea. I am in a little vacuum where I am only governed by our daily Navigator. It tells me what time to take my children to the club and what time to attend an adults event. I know I have to be at dinner at 8:15pm and if I can’t figure out where, I merely need to look at my Key to the World card and it will help me.

All I know is tonight is pirate’s night, but we’re not there yet.

Let me also take a moment to say that not a moment goes by that I don’t know how lucky I am. I don’t believe it a higher power, but I do thank the fates, gods, luck, whathaveyou, every single day for the life I lead. In every day life, I know how incredibly lucky I am to be with the man I love, with 2 girls whom I adore, and my job is simply to take care of them. That in itself is just awesome. Then you throw in the extras like this vacation and I want it to be known that I take nothing for granted.

Today I stood in front of a waterfall and stared at a glacier. A glacier. It does not get much more awe-inspiring than that.

I’ll have to finish later as I now have low battery.

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2 Responses to “quick take”

  1. Mel Says:
    September 23rd, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    I am so enjoying all the cruise updates. I am sharing them with Tom since we’re sitting at the table together. I am chuckling at some of the things you say because it’s so “me” like the dancing thing. I’ve known Tom for 18 years and we have never danced and he has never seen me dance, ever, not once. I don’t dance. Period. I guess a cruise could change that. LOL Anyway, I’m 43 and still wired pretty tight that way.

  2. Vanessa Says:
    September 24th, 2012 at 11:01 pm

    I’ll only dance in two situations: at a concert where it’s dark and everyone else is dancing too, or at home when it’s just me and Gillian. I would never dance in front of, for example, my co-workers - I went to a wedding for someone from work a couple of years ago, and when the dancing started I managed to conveniently disappear, LOL.

    This cruise sounds like it was really awesome, and the scenery pics have been beautiful! I’d love to go to Alaska.