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I take it back

By Tara Zandra | October 18, 2006

Cold is no longer the word. Gotta love fall in SoCal. Wake up freezing so you get dressed in pants and perhaps long sleeves, then have it instantly be hot and have to go change your clothes. Late spring and early summer are a little different because the cloud cover lulls us into thinking we’ll be cold all day. Then -BAM!- 3:00pm hits and your a sweating mess when every cloud completely disappears and the sun shines full. I’ve lived here all of my 32 years, you’d think I’d know how it goes by now and be able to dress appropriately on the first try.

In any case, we did our errands and got Daisy down to nap a little earlier so she’ll wake up earlier and then we can go to the park. We’ve done most of lessons with only grammar and spelling left, both will get done while I work on dinner. I found a site that has unit studies for download and I’m going to give them a try. Since we’ve finished maps, as I mentioned, I’m going to purchase their 50 States unit study for continued geography. If I don’t like it, I’m only out $4.00 and if I do like them that will offer a lot of choices. I think we’ll do a moon unit study as soon as our solar system book is done. We’re two pages away from Pluto and I still haven’t put together anything on Pluto’s new status as a Dwarf Planet, though I have a link to a site with Bill Nye explaining it all. Hopefully that will work.

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