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By Tara Zandra | October 18, 2006

It’s cold here at the Anc house. Well, I’m cold, my youngest is desperately trying to pull the footies off here pj’s insisting they are socks and she wants them OFF! I, however, am huddled in one of Chris’s sweatshirts and hot pink warm socks.

Yesterday we struck out early to squeeze in a couple errands before heading to Kindermusik. The book store didn’t open until 10 so we went to Target and bought “The End” which is the last Unfortunate Events book. Tabitha is already 8 chapters in so it’ll be done soon. We then went to Party City and Tabitha tried on two costumes in their impossibly small changing rooms. But Tabitha was able to make the decision for her vampiress and she will look adorable. She’ll get three wears out of it this year which is good because I don’t see her wearing it again next year and I doubt it will keep until Daisy is that size.

We then headed to Kindermusik but we never made it. We were coming from a different area and though I can get to all the shopping in that city, I could not for the life of me find the right street or the street that connects to the right street. I’ve gone from Kindermusik to shopping without any trouble, but I couldn’t do it in reverse. I felt stupid because I may not be a boy scout when it comes to directions, I don’t usually get so lost that I simply can’t do it at all. It’s not that I wasn’t paying attention either, I thought I knew the way to go. Apparently I was wrong.

So we were home earlier than usual and took care of lessons. Tabitha made a timeline of her life. We had a few frustrating moments because she assured me she knew what a timeline was which I took to mean she could create one. Again, apparently I was wrong. I had to show her in a bit more detail how to actually do one at which point she got it and she did a lovely job and had fun doing it.

Last week Tabitha finished her Map book and I had said that I’d have her make a map using all the symbols she learned. Well Monday Tabitha asked not to do lessons so we didn’t. But she was also a bit restless so I suggested she make a map. The kid spent hours on it and made it a whole town which she named Lake Town and not only thanked me for having “the best idea, mama” but has decided to write a series of books based on Lake Town. She’s still working on a book she started last week at a friend’s house though so she’s not ready to start the Lake Town Chronicles (which I really think she said she’s going to name them).

Today we have to get out to buy milk and bread and also a stop at the Post Office which was supposed to occur yesterday.

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