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Skagway- tourist town

By Tara Zandra | September 19, 2012

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Whence I left you, I was full. Daisy was in her kids’ club and Tabitha, Chris, and I were kicking it together. We decided to go to “Who Wants to be a Mousekateer?” It was a game show set up similar to Millionaire. There were only 5 questions though and of course, no monetary prize. We were each given numbers on the way in and if your number came up on the screen you were in the hot seat. Sadly, not 1 of us got chosen. But we enjoyed watching others, I think all but 1 person won. At the end, they called random numbers to give away a pin and I did win that. Chris and I thought we’d go to the next showing as we’re competitive and do know our Disney trivia.

After the show, we were talking about getting Daisy and ordering room service and Chris remarked that it would be silly since it was now technically our dinner time and we could just go to the dining room. But then T complicates things because she insists she has to change. We agree, though no one else is changing. Dee was even in a nightgown since it was Pluto’s Pajama Party in her club! But it was a very frilly princess nightgown, she’s a little kid, and it wasn’t a theme night of any kind, just cruise casual. We figured the nightgown qualified.

It was French food in Triton’s and this time conversation with our tablemates really flowed. I guess we’re all warming up to each other! Eventually we lost one kid at the table to a club, then I took the 2 youngest to check into their club, and then Tabitha was off too so once again it was just adults at the table.

Nothing was really happening that appealed to Chris and I so we went back to Mousekateer but halfway through they started having technical difficulties and the host was really chatty so our chances of being called were going down by the second so we left. We went to our room and then the tiredness hit us again. Chris attempted to go get Daisy but she wouldn’t leave and told Chris to go to sleep and just set a timer to come get her so he came back to the room empty-handed. Next thing I know I’m waking up and Daisy is being all dramatic and crying. The activity in the club had been to decorate a car (aka, big box) and then sit in them while watching a movie- like a drive-in. Our kid cannot leave anything behind and is a huge saver so it was quite the heartbreak when she was told by Chris that she could not bring the box home. Never occurred to me they would decorate giant boxes or even allow the kids to take them. Oh the tears! I told her we could take off the decorations and recreate it at home but that didn’t appease her. I told her we would take a ton of pictures- that also did not work. Then my sleepiness kicked in and told her too bad, stop crying, and go to sleep. That took care of that, though now there’s a giant box sitting in our stateroom. Have you seen a cruise ship stateroom? Though this one is bigger than many, it’s not exactly spacious.

So a bit later the big kid comes in and crashes into the box 3 or 4 times and takes a lifetime to settle. Man do I get cranky when I’m woken up, especially multiple times. Then she woke me again about an hour or so later but now Mama had to be on as she was feeling ill. The thing about Tabitha is she hates throwing up. I mean, she really detests it to the point where if she’s a tad nauseas at all and things she might, she will work herself into such a frenzy that she’s practically crying and hyperventilating, which, if you do have to be sick, kind of makes it way worse. I gave her sea sick medicine because I figured it might help calm her stomach. Then I gave her a pillow and had her lay down on the floor and attempted to reason with her that everything was okay and it wasn’t the end of the world if she was sick, but she can be most unreasonable. I patted her head, and smoothed her hair, and spoke gently to her. I then suggested Chris do the same as he’s really good in the “parent of a sick kid in the middle of the night” role. Eventually she went back to her bed and never was sick at all.

This morning, Chris and I were discussing it and realized that not only had she had 2 Cokes at dinner, but she’d probably been drinking them all day when we weren’t looking. That’s a lot of caffeine for a body that is used to practically none. Then I remembered she mentioned something about having 5 hot chocolates yesterday as well. Plus I saw her have dessert. So she was sugared and caffeined up to high heaven. Of course she felt sick. This morning she was not inclined to eat but I packed some bran cereal in my bag for her for later which she did eventually eat.

So I’ve been typing for almost an hour and I’m just now getting to our day today. We ate a quick breakfast and then got off the boat in Skagway, Alaska.

First thing we noticed was all the graffiti on the rocks in port. But it’s like authorized graffiti done by crew members of the ships. We even found one from the Wonder when it came last year.






We did not have an excursion booked as nothing appealed to us. It’s a tiny town, we figured we’d just explore on foot. We also were hoping to use the internet. That did not go as planned. What little signal we got on our phones was not good and any internet business was frustratingly slow. We hoped we might find free wi-fi somewhere if we could get away from the tourist part and get to where the locals lived, but that idea quickly fizzled out as there still didn’t seem to be any businesses that would work. So we went in approximately 1 bajillion tourist trap stores that sold nesting dolls and moose stuff. Apparently that’s Alaska. Daisy spent her money on a husky stuffed animal and then found a knock off Moose Pillow Pet but it had Alaska embroidered on it so it seemed like a good choice for her. Tabitha wanted nesting dolls and we traipsed all over just for her to buy ones from the first store we had been in. They were very pricey, but since Chris and I had bought Daisy $25 moose long johns (complete with ass flap), I figured I could kick in the same amount towards her purchase.


Don’t let the cute facades fool you- they all sold the same tourist crap. Or jewelry.



At this point we’re done and it was only 12:30! I also realized that I need to stop relying on cruises to take me places. I never once felt like I was in Mexico last year and this little tourist town did not feel like Alaska. On the other hand, what did I expect Alaska to be? I don’t know. Although, the surrounding gorgeous, tree and snow-capped mountains certainly didn’t feel like home. It’s amazingly beautiful here. The cold wouldn’t even have been really that bad if it weren’t for the wind which cut right through me. Honestly, even looking back on it I don’t understand why cruise ships go into port here. I mean, maybe if I didn’t live in CA I’d be more interested in the gold mining historical aspect, but I’ve panned gold a million times in my life and I did not go to Alaska to do something that I can do, and have done, at the county fair.

Back to the boat!


Tabitha wants to crash so the rest of us leave her to a nap and head to lunch. Daisy then asked to be checked into her club and Chris and I start wandering looking for Scrabble. It wasn’t where we found it last year so we went to another place that is supposed to have games. Eventually we found one, though it had 2 Qs so no idea how complete of set it was. After maybe 15-minutes, I start feeling the call of a nap. So off to the room I go and laid down with Tabi. I don’t know what Chris did, but when I woke up 2.5 hours later he was asleep on the couch and I realize Daisy has been at the club for 4 hours. I ran to get her and it had clearly been long enough as she didn’t even bat an eye when I said time to go.

The others were still sacked out so I grabbed my computer and Daisy’s DS and she and I went in search of pizza and drinks and ended up in the Promenade Lounge where there was also chips and salsa. Score!

Tonight is show night at Animator’s Palate which is beautiful and in a few minutes I’ll take my Daisy to see Daisy Duck. Because I’m cheesy like that.

Next up: I dance! And see another glacier! And a waterfall!

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