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By Tara Zandra | September 16, 2012

Tracy Arm

Now, while we had been having brunch, the ship entered Tracy Arm on the way to Sawyer Glacier. So my surreal moment of today was eating caviar in a private dining room on my way to see a glacier. How is this real life? The scenery on the way to the glacier was traditional Pacific Northwest but then chunks of blue ice would float by. We gathered both kids from their clubs and bundled them up so we could take family photos on the deck. I had one kid that was downright surly and another who attempted to go off on her own every other second. You couple that with having to have strangers take the photos with no idea of their photo-taking ability and let’s just the photo might be less than magical for the Christmas card.






Eventually the one kid broke free from us and we took the other back to the room. She played her DS, Chris sat on the balcony and enjoyed the scenery and I napped. Apparently even getting an extra hour of sleep wasn’t enough.







I awoke and joined Chris outside for a while, and then laid down again as I was still feeling a bit out of it. When I woke again, I stayed out longer and eventually we were right by the glacier. We bundled up again and took Daisy up top so we could get a good picture but of course it was crowded. Chris is tall so he did the dirty work of fighting his way through the crowd and then we headed back to our room. I stayed on the veranda with Chris for the rest of the time and it was truly amazing. Or awe-inspiring, or jaw-dropping, or astounding. There are so many adjectives and I don’t know that any of them do it justice. Overall though, my main feeling was probably peaceful. The stillness was all encompassing.













This took quite a few hours of the day. At this point (7pm) I think we’re out of the fjord (I love that word!) but I can’t tell due to being in fog again.

Daisy is back at her club after agreeing to meet 1 character (Donald) and Tabitha is now back from her movie. We’re thinking we’re going to skip dinner in the dining room tonight, I’m still way too stuffed from brunch.


More fun will come this evening and tomorrow, land!

Side note- anyone who remembers my half trip report from last year knows that I was surprised to find out I get sea sick. Not this time! Yay! Though I came prepared with meds and even took them as preventative the first 2 days, I’ve felt nothing but completely normal and took nothing today. The water is so much calmer up here. Hallelujah!

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  1. Mel Says:
    September 23rd, 2012 at 7:59 pm

    Wow, looks so amazing!