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Another week begins

By Tara Zandra | October 16, 2006

I’m feeling fallish today. I’ve got my cowl neck sweater on and I’ve put flannel sheets on the bed. I wish I had a crockpot meal on my menu this week to complete the feel. Of course, by Friday it’ll be back up to the low 80s so this feeling won’t exactly last.

We did our first corn maze yesterday. Chris cleaned off the baby backpack and took Daisy in that for the first time. Tabitha and I took turns getting us all hopelessly lost and Chris came to the rescue by figuring out where we were on the map and then leading us in the right direction. We had a lot of fun and will be making this a tradition, though we won’t always go to the same place. In fact, other than the corn maze, where we went was kind of a bust. They had a “kids’ area” with a hay maze and a bounce house. $3.00 for a kid to go into the area, no big deal, but they also charge adults $3.00 to go in and just watch their kid and they don’t allow under 5 year olds in the kids area. Considering the hay maze wasn’t a big deal I would have essentially been paying $6.00 for Tabitha to bounce while my other kid was heartbroken- no thank you. They sold pumpkins but we weren’t there for that and that’s all there was there so we finished the maze, munched a bit of kettle corn and then headed out for lunch. We went to a mall and had a decent time looking around before coming home.

This morning Tabitha requested a day off of lessons. I sat down with Daisy and started our Brighter Visions book which came last week. The program has changed a bit since Tabitha was a baby. I think the books are better as are the activities. Daisy had a great time and her laughter was enough to get Tabitha over with us for play. We did 5 or 6 activities before the two girls basically excluded me so I went off to make them lunch instead.

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