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more naps! and food.

By Tara Zandra | September 15, 2012

So stuffed! Between yesterday’s update and right now, I’ve eaten enough to last me the rest of the cruise. So much for all that hard work, every pound I’ve lost has probably not only come back, but I’m guessing brought friends. And it’s only Day 3!

Let’s see, I was alone and drinking Diet Coke. Oh, I remember now. I went to pick Daisy up from the club at the agreed upon time and she flat out refused to come with me. She told me to get her after dinner (which was a good 5 hours away). We compromised with 1 hour. I decided to walk every deck and see if there was any part of this ship I hadn’t seen before. I don’t think I found anything new, but I really enjoyed my trip around and took a couple snaps. Needed a soft serve break by the end. Have I mentioned there’s a soft serve machine turned on from 7am until 11pm? And they have swirl!


After that, I don’t know, I probably napped. I left Daisy until Tabitha and Chris came back from the movie and then we all went to watch The Golden Mickey’s. We didn’t see this show on our last cruise so weren’t sure what to expect. First we walked the red carpet, complete with paparazzi. They tried to interview Daisy, but she gave a “no thank you” and moved on. When we were seated we could see the red carpet interviews on the screen. Then the show which was supposedly an awards show but really was a round of Disney Kool-Aid complete with you can do anything you dream as long as you never give up rah-rah. Now, I’m pretty hardcore Disney- worked at the park, married at the hotel, Disneyland all the time, Disney World, Disney Cruise, cry at all things Disney- but this was a bit much even for me. But some of the vignettes, especially Tarzan’s scene, were very well done. In was definitely enjoyable and I would recommend it to others.

Next we hung in our room and then dressed all formal-like because it was formal night, coincidentally. I made no effort and didn’t push the family and we weren’t going to bother with pictures because frankly, Chris and I were dressed exactly like we were last year and the girls were in their Christmas dresses. But then I spied 2 chipmunks in tuxedos in front of a gorgeous black and white background and well, we were 10-minutes late to dinner so we could get that picture. Which I also bought the copy of today.

click to enlarge- I didn’t want to crop it tiny

Dinner was very good, conversation was a little less strained with our tablemates, and I wasn’t freezing for most of the meal. We then changed Daisy and checked her into the club, Tabitha headed off for pizza making, and Chris and I went to the adult comedy show with Alfred and Seymour. They were very entertaining again and we had a good time.

We got Daisy from the club around 11:30pm and took her to the Promenade Lounge where we had promised her midnight snacks. But I was still really full from dinner. But Daisy decided to eat and the stuff looked good, so I ate olives, cheese, fried mushrooms, and poppers. Because that’s a healthy and sane choice for almost midnight.

We got back to our room and in walked Tabi. Bed time! I slept amazingly better with her pillow so I was very grateful.


Today is Wednesday, I think. We had to move our clocks back 1 hour, which is good because we had a 9:30am character breakfast. You don’t get that on other cruise lines! So I ate a nice big breakfast, remembering after the fact that I was supposed to eat light since we had a noon brunch reservation. Uh-oh.

View when I went to get my morning Diet Coke.

Another clickable thumbnail because this one is a panoramic shot.

So I took the girls’ pictures with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Chip, and Dale who were all making the rounds table to table. Oh, and the waiters take colorful napkins and put goofy hats on your head- in my case, literally.





Then I took Daisy swimming. Because it’s Alaska and that make sense? In any case, she wasn’t the only crazy kid out there. Tabitha spent her whole time in the jacuzzi, but Daisy swam in the Mickey pool. Now, the water temperature was a reported 90 degrees, so she was fine, but I knew that getting out would be brutal. I was bundled up like a sane person. It’s not even that the air was that cold, but the wind generated by the moving ship made it more than bracing if you ask me.





Daisy had a great time though and didn’t complain about getting out. Both girls got dressed again and then skedaddled to their clubs so Chris and I could go to Palo. This is something we did not experience on our last trip- the adult’s only restaurant. You have to make a reservation and there is a small fee involved. We opted for brunch though they also do tea and dinner and I think maybe breakfast? Not sure.

As we head to our table, we see that it is buffet, which we did not realize. Oh, the cuisine is Southern Italy. After we sit and our waiter introduces himself, we find out that he gives us a tour of the buffet- very interesting. There was as seafood section, a salad nicoise section, cheeses and breads, pastries and hot entrees which our waiter would order for us. He then hands us a plate to get started. We both had a couple pastries (I had a to-die-for sticky bun) and then we made our salads with arugula, kalamata olives, caprese salad, feta cheese wrapped with eggplant, marinated mushrooms, dressings, green beans, and more, plus I grabbed a hummus. Then they brought our special pizza to the table that we had half goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes and half something with wine-soaked grapes. I had grapes on a pizza and it was goooood. Somewhere in there we had all the cheeses. We love us some cheese (hence why we’re not vegan and only vegetarian). Chris also had a tomato basil soup. Then we ate caviar prepared for us by our waiter. Neither of us had ever had it but figured fish eggs aren’t different morally than chicken eggs so why not? I liked it, but there was a fish taste to it which was off putting in that I don’t like to feel like I’m eating meat. But again, I did like it so I think my taste buds and my brain were just confused.

Next we were ready for dessert and again, our waiter took us to the dessert table to explain each and every item to us. Actually, not a lot appealed to me and I was feeling very stuffed. I grabbed 3 things (they were all very small) but didn’t finish any of them. Then the waiter comes back and points out that we didn’t try the panacotta and promptly brought us one each. Now, I avoided it on purpose as I’m not a custard fan, but he stood there and watched so I took my bite and say “mmm” but then ate no more. Again, I’m really beyond stuffed at this point. In fact, when I got back to the room and put my jeans on from earlier, they felt noticeably tighter.

Next up: Tracy Arm!

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One Response to “more naps! and food.”

  1. Mel Says:
    September 22nd, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    I don’t like caviar, I tasted it once when I was about 18 but your point made me curious about how caviar is “made”. I never really thought about it. I wondered if it is like a chicken egg but I guess really it isn’t since wild caviar the fish is killed and farm caviar gives fish a c-section to get the eggs, stitches them up, and so on again and again. So either way, don’t find that appealing much really. But it makes no difference to me because I don’t like fish and never did. I think fish or seafood was the first thing I fave up long before I even considered being a vegetarian. I’ve never even tasted things like lobster or crab.