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Seattle and on the boat

By Tara Zandra | September 13, 2012

My aunt and uncle live near Seattle and very graciously offered to pick us up at the airport and take us around town before heading to the port. I had kind of hoped to take the girls up in the Space Needle, but there was a festival that weekend that made that a bad idea. I don’t know that the girls cared about it at all, so I guess I didn’t ever really need to entertain the thought.

We ended up going to Pike’s Place. We saw some interesting vendors and then had a lunch of crepes. We walked a bit more than drove around town and then parked again to go in Ye Olde Curiousity Shoppe. That was something. They had shrunken heads and everything. There were many, many things I would have liked to buy the girls but it seemed silly to blow all our souvenir money before ever embarking on the real point of our vacation. Definitely a fun shop though and I wish I could go back.




We then walked a bit again and came to an area where we could easily see the Wonder in port. That kind of got us all excited so we headed to the port right then. We said our thank yous and good-byes and then began the baggage and security process. Easier than an airport, but still took a little while. The difference of course was being surrounded by lovely Disney people.





On the boat and straight to our stateroom! We had room 6610 which had a queen, a sofa bed and pull-down bunk as well as a verandah. I didn’t think I’d miss the extra few feet our last room had, but it turns out I do. I’m sitting here on the couch typing this instead of a side chair. I feel we have to use the bed as seating more in this room than our last one. But of course, a chair does not a room make and the rest of the room is more than fine. It’s on a Disney boat and that pretty much makes it better than a good many rooms in the world :)





View of downtown Seattle from our veranda.

After some relaxing we went to remind Daisy of the kids’ clubs and peeked into the tween club and then headed to the top deck for the Sail Away party. Tears time! We clapped, cheered, and danced our way to the boat sailing away. Well, the 13 year old didn’t, she pretended we were annoying her but of course, I know she loves us. Daisy got into it which is always a pleasure to see.






Then we had to return to our rooms and get ready for the safety drill. Boring but necessary. Since I had already freaked Daisy out by talking about the air bags on the planes, I don’t think I calmed her any when we talked about life vests and the whistle and what it’s for. But again, all necessary.

Now there’s a blank spot in my mind which means- nap time! Aah, wouldn’t be a cruise if Mommy didn’t nap. I never nap at home but the boat just lulls me to sleep. Being up since 3 am probably had a lot to do with it.

Next was the All Aboard: Let the Magic Begin stage show. Cue those tears again! Sheesh, can’t take me anywhere. I’m either crying, or napping, or scaring little kids with disaster talk. The show also features a sample of one of the on board entertainers. Last time was a magician I believe or maybe a comedian, but whatever, all the sample did was ensure we would not go see him. These guys, Alfred and Seymour, had me rolling after 2-minutes and we were absolutely going to go see their adult show.

Off to dinner at Parrot’s Cay where we found out we had table mates. Phooey. I’m anti-social and have no use for strangers. Especially since we found out the boat has a rather small guest list on this trip (my guess is because school just started) and therefore here were many empty tables. They were nice and all and even have a girl Daisy’s age, and I’d say the other girl is 11 or 12. But in general, I’m not interested in making small talk with strangers. I’d rather have just my family so we can recap the ups and downs of the day together and be ourselves. The bright side, because I am always determined to find one, is we were not placed with the extremely loud couple at the next table because I would have had to demand a table switch.

Daisy participated in dine and play which means they expedite the kid’s meal and the youth counselors come at 9:15pm to take the kids to clubs while the rest of us finish our meal. The minute she saw the yellow shirted smiling person, she hopped out of her chair and never looked back. Tabitha opted to skip dessert and headed to her club as well. Chris and I indulged in dessert and then went to the Cadillac Lounge to listen to the piano player. He was fine and we were relaxing when the phone started beeping due to its low battery. We can’t have it die in case the kids’ club needs to call us for Daisy so we called it good and went back to our room. It’s too bad as were having a nice time. Once in our room, we laid down and realized were freaking exhausted! Eventually Chris pulled himself together enough to go get Daisy and we got her in bed and ready for bed ourselves. Gave Tabitha 30 more minutes and then totally crashed. I had no trouble falling asleep, though staying asleep proved challenging.


This morning when we got up, I complained about my pillow and Tabitha, like a miracle worker, hands me her pillow which was so perfect. I gave her mine which she declared perfect so tonight ought to be better.

We managed to drag ourselves to breakfast and then checked out a family event title “Ultimate Race.” What could that be? Basically it was like the Amazing Race. Woo-hoo! Tabitha was our captain and stayed in Promenade Lounge. Chris, Daisy and I were then given a clue and we had to race to the right place on the ship and call Tabitha with the right answer. She then conveyed it to the activities people and they gave her the next clue to read to us over the phone. We raced all over this darn ship, me practically dragging Daisy behind me. In the end, we won! We were given a Disney Cruise baseball hat each. Tabitha then ditched us to run to The Edge. Chris and I brought Daisy back to the room and promptly stripped down because we were sweating bullets after our ship run. Good grief, we were so hot. We hopped out onto the veranda to cool off and then I napped again because I had been up a whole 3 hours at that point. Daisy chilled with her DS and her Angry Birds doodle book, Chris played on his ipad, I think.


After my nap, the three of us went back to Parrot’s Cay for a buffet lunch and then Daisy requested to be checked into the kids’ club. We then went to the shop to purchase the one and only thing I wanted. And it was sold out. They discounted all the 2012 Alaska specific stuff by 50% so I guess it went last night after I saw it. I’m very sad and hope I am able to get it online as it really was the only thing that remotely appealed to me.

Right now Chris and Tabitha are watching The Avengers in 3D while Dee is still at the club. I’m relaxing, though not napping. I think some Diet Coke is in order and then maybe some veranda sitting. Though it is foggy enough that the fog horn has to blow every 2-minutes, so there isn’t exactly a view right now. I’ll just gaze at my Diet Coke, I guess.

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One Response to “Seattle and on the boat”

  1. Mel Says:
    September 13th, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    Looks and sounds like a great time! B is really freaked by the Curiosity Shoppe and really doesn’t like to go in there but I make her anyway when we’re down there. LOL I have no use for strangers on vacations either or in most situations actually. It’s been weird living in this small town where EVERYONE chats you up, everywhere, even people passing you by in a grocery store aisle will just start talking for no real reason….it’s nice that people are nice I guess but shut the hell up and move on. LOL