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In the air

By Tara Zandra | September 13, 2012

Handwritten on the plane ride to Seattle on Sept. 3.


So far so good on the traveling; kids woke up easily and weren’t grumpy. We got out of the house on time and had a real easy check-in at the airport. WE waited a smidge then were on the plane and off! Seats are very comfortable with a bit more room than we experienced in the past. This is Alaska Airlines, BTW. Real impressed with menu, though I brought bagels for us. Snack was a cranberry, cinnamon honey stick, soybean mix, so that was nice. They didn’t me the whole can of Diet Coke, but I’ll let that pass since teh flight isn’t as long as I’m used to for our vacations.

Kids are amusing themselves and it’s so nice to just give Dee a DS and not have to fuss with her. Yay 7 years old! Chris is watching Game 6 of the Kings’ win again. I think he does it just to see how hard I’ll roll my eyes. @@

I’ve got Mumford on my ipod and a Sudoku book. I skipped straight to the medium level and instantly failed. Ha! I took more care with the next one and did fine.

More to come.

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