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Dark side of the town

By Tara Zandra | August 20, 2012

Just before we left for park on Friday, our power went off. I called and did confirm it wasn’t just us but the area- how large of an area, I don’t know. So the girls and I headed to park as planned, assuming it would be on when we got home. I texted Chris to let him know and he got an update via their website that said it wouldn’t be on until 6:30 that night. Well that was going to suck. We stayed at park for a few hours and basically just wilted. It was so hot with nary a breeze. I can deal with heat but after 3 hours I was cooked. We headed for home with the idea that we’d change out of our sweaty clothes and head to the mall. But when we walked on we found the house blissfully cool as the power had evidentally come on an hour previous. All was well, nothing of interest happened and then around 7pm, out it went again. This time they were reporting it wouldn’t be back on until 7AM! So we packed overnight bags and were going to head to my in-laws’ who were conveniently out of town. Maybe a minute after the car was loaded, it came on again. Now we were torn. It was Daisy’s bedtime, but if the power went off before she fell asleep, she’d never sleep, and really it’s no fun living in the dark, in the lights, in the dark as if we at a rave. So we decided to go to California Adventure for a few hours. The plan was to then come home and if there was no power, go straight to my in-laws’ for the night and if there was power, stay.

So Adventure it was! First we headed to Goofy’s Sky School and then hightailed it out of there to avoid the World of Color crowd. We went to what I want to call Main Street but is really Buena Vista Street and got treats for the girls and Chris. Then off to find me a Diet coke and settle in to watch the Mad T Party band. L-O-V-E the Hatter who is the lead singer. Truth be told, there is more than one guy who plays the part, but the Friday night Hatter is our absolute favorite. His stage presence is mesmerizing. I wish the set list would change, but I’m still happy to sit and simply soak in the magic.

That was their last set that night so Tabi and Chris quickly went to California Screamin’ while Daisy and I took in the more gentle Monster’s Inc. We still had plenty of time to kill waiting for T and C so we went on the bumper cars and then Luigi’s Flying Tires. At that point, the rest of of the Anc Fam were waiting for us at the exit and the park was closed so we were homeward bound.

Thankfully, when we walked in, the power was still on. Oh, it went off again at least once in the middle of the night, but since we were all sleeping, it didn’t matter. It’s held steady since then, but in a way, it was nice for it to be off because we wouldn’t have gone to California Adventure otherwise :)

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