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it was a good day

By Tara Zandra | October 8, 2006

This morning started off with me making pancakes for the family. We then headed out to recycle and hit the new Target (eh, I was underwhelmed) for browsing. Once home, lunch was enjoyed and then Tabitha and I went to a play date. Daisy slept almost the entire time we were gone affording Chris a few hours of doing whatever he pleased (in this case, video games). The play date went really well, in fact, we stayed about a half hour past my normal 2 hours (I like to leave before our hosts start wishing we would leave). Home again where we all exchanged stories of what we did while we were apart and then I made tacos for dinner which was enjoyed by all. After dinner I surfed Amazon, Chris played with Daisy and Tabitha worked on a book she’s writing. After a while I bathed Daisy who delighted in playing peekaboo with the shower door and then massaged her, diapered her, gave her milk and off to bed she went (easy as always). Chris is currently showering and Tabitha and I are going to pop some popcorn and play a game before she goes to bed at which point Chris and I will settle in to watch Amazing Race.

Yes, it was a very good day.

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