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Life’s a beach

By Tara Zandra | August 16, 2012

Today our park group went to the beach together. There was a trip last month too but it was the same week Tabitha was in day camp so we weren’t able to attend. Today was just perfect and we all had a great time. I can’t share pics since all of them have other kids in them. Daisy and her crew spent the majority of the time building a system of intricate swimming pools. She never once asked me to go in the water so I stayed dry all day and chatted it up with my friends. If I’d had a Diet Coke it would have been just perfect ;)

Tabitha did what older kids do and hang out, act cool, and then eventually decide just to stand in the water and immediately turn into big goofballs having the time of their lives. Of course, they didn’t start having fun until about a half hour before we left which seems to be exactly what they do at park every week too. We told them next time to start having fun right away and then they won’t complain at the end. I’m sure they’ll all take our advice, lol.

Since being home I’ve made dinner which included vegetarian drumettes so we could eat buffalo wing sauce. The drumettes themselves were fine, but they served their purpose of being a hot wing sauce delivery method so I’m very happy. The thought of eating actual chicken very much turns my stomach, but man I miss the hot wing sauce. It’s not the same eating it on tofu or what have you. I need it to be on fake chicken for some reason.

Other than that I had a 10-minute power nap and then planned tomorrow’s bento boxes. I’ll be experimenting with blue rice!

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One Response to “Life’s a beach”

  1. Melyssa Says:
    August 17th, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    Beach sounds soooo fun. Man, I really miss the beach.
    You know, I had an online friend recently unfriend me after a message war on Facebook about vegetarians eating fake meat. She got downright nasty to me about it. Why? I have no idea. Why would she care so much what the hell I eat? I don’t care what she eats. Anyway, not a fan of buffalo wings but I can understand a craving for sure…the only reason I eat veggie brats are for sauerkraut and hot mustard. Honestly even as a meateater most meat was just a vehicle for the condiments and trimmings! LOL