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Birthday outing

By Tara Zandra | August 16, 2012

One of Tabitha’s friends had a birthday last month and she can be difficult to buy for. Last year we took her somewhere fun and that was a big hit so we went that route again. Yesterday was our day out and we went to the Discovery Science Center. We had passes there for 2 years but then I didn’t bother to renew and we probably haven’t been in over a year. It has really changed!

There was one sad change in that they used to have a sand and water play area that Daisy adored. She would work for three-quarters of an hour building and breaking down dams. Tabitha enjoyed it too as along as it wasn’t overrun with day camp or field trip kids.

One area though was really cool. It’s a giant supermarket. The kids get a shopping cart with a computer screen and choose a shopping list. Daisy went with the birthday party list. I don’t know what Tabitha and her friend chose as they were off on their own all day as that was part of the gift- no supervision. Apparently that part was a big hit. Anyway, the shopping. After you chose your list, it would tell you what department to go to and then ask you an ecological question and give you three choices. Such as, which item had the most packaging per serving. Then you take your little hand scanner and scan the UPC of the correct item and it virtually adds it to the cart. At the end you go to the checkout and if you got 5 of the 6 questions correct, they take your picture and put it up on the super shoppers wall. If you get all 6 correct, you get your picture and a suvenior token. It was pretty darn fun and since there are different lists it has the repeat factor built in.


There were a few other ecological games that were also technology based. Daisy did one of them but not the other but I heard from the older girls that it was also a lot of fun. We plan to go back in October for an Indiana Jones exhibit and we’ll go ahead and purchases passes again as I think we’ll make good use of them again.

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