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in the night

By Tara Zandra | October 7, 2006

Chris is out at the Kings game this evening so it was just me and the girls. The two of them put on a concert for me by beating upon overturned bowls and buckets with wooden spoons. They played together and separately while I researched some science stuff on the internet. Once I got Daisy into bed I had planned on Tabitha and I playing Disney Trivia at the computer. I say planned because though I found the case, the game cd was nowhere to be found. Instead we started a game of Sim Safari together. That was a lot of fun because I really like kid games and she loves Sim stuff. I ended up not putting her to bed until 10:00pm, we were having such a good time.

Now, I’m kind of enjoying just being alone for a bit, but I also look forward to Chris coming home. I haven’t heard from him yet, but the game has ended so I do expect a call from him any moment. I figure I have about an hour and in that time I need to unload and reload the dishwasher, blog on my Disney site and do more research. I’m thinking something won’t get done in time.

Tomorrow is a day I’ve been waiting for a long time: a new Target is opening nearby. It’s like Christmas! LOL

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