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Brownies and ice cream

By Tara Zandra | August 8, 2012

Monday was just a day of lessons, though I did break it up with a Jack in the Box run specifically for dessert before our lunch. The kids enjoyed that and the cashier thought it was funny- probably because I ordered a Diet Coke with our cheesecake, cookies, and churros. It was a long day though as I was trying to take advantage of us not having to go anywhere. Our fall dance schedule starts in a couple weeks, plus we’ll have book club and public speaking and those both come with homework so how we’ll fit in actual lessons I have no idea.

Yesterday was dance in the morning but afterwards was something new- Brownies, as in Girl Scouts, for Daisy! Yay! We’re not doing a troop for various reasons so I signed Daisy up as an independent Girl Scout and a friend of hers did the same. Tabitha decided this was the perfect opportunity to earn herself an award by working with younger kids but then it snowballed and she plans and runs all the meetings. I was told what I could do which included serving snack and running two activities. Let me tell you, she worked darn hard and has put hours and hours into the planning. She is so excited to be working with the little girls.

We got the girls vests and they were so stinking cute. Tabitha ran that meeting like a pro. It helps that she only had 2 kids, but she talks to them just right. She corrects without chiding, she listens, she guides, she was fantastic! Probably better than I would have done. The two girls had a great time and are excited for their next meeting. Daisy has been wanting Girl Scouts for a while so I’m glad I was finally able to find a way to make it work.

Last night we made more ice cream because that first batch went quick! We went with straight vanilla and it is soooo good. I wish it made more than a quart but I’m really looking forward to experimenting with different flavors. Chris is waiting for me to make him beer ice cream.

Today was lessons though Tabitha also had a friend over (I started to write play date, but I guess that’s not accurate at 13, huh?). So I split the girls lesson time and focused on Tabitha this morning while Daisy played and then after lunch when L came over, I worked exclusively with Daisy.

This evening I finally started working on a dress I’ve had waiting for me for about a month. I downloaded the pattern so I had to piece it together and then needed to trace it before getting to the actual cutting fabric stage. After I did all that I realized I was supposed to save a 2-inch wide strip going from selvage to selvage which of course I didn’t do. So apparently we’ll be going to the fabric store tomorrow. The dress should seriously take an hour or two to sew so it’s frustrating to have to put it off.

Tonight I’d like to sleep without being awaked by Mother Nature shaking the ground. Earthquakes don’t really bother me, but I’m tired and need sleep!

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