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Friday post

By Tara Zandra | October 6, 2006

Yesterday we had a play date with friends we haven’t seen since I think May so it was definitely good to see them. Tabitha and I made a cake in a jelly roll pan and the the girls used Halloween cookie cutters on it and they each frosted and decorated their piece of cake. Daisy decorated one, but just ate the sprinkles off the top and refused to bite into the cake.

We all took Tabitha to hula after the kids had dinner and then Chris and I took Daisy to my in-laws’. We left her there while we ran into Target and then picked Tabitha up. We felt Daisy would benefit from a little one-on-one time with my mil and fil which is why we left her.

Today the girls and I met some new friends (or potential friends I guess) at a park. The group was made up of homeschoolers and we both had a good time. I mainly chatted too much with one mom who made the mistake of asking me questions and then probably wondered how to shut me up, lol. I also spent a good deal of time following Daring Daisy and making sure she stayed in one piece. There was over an hour of complete unstructured time and then one of the moms organized the kids into games and man did Tabitha love that! I didn’t think it was necessary, but apparently I was wrong :) We’re planning to meet next week as well and this should evolve into a regular thing for which I am very thankful.

Our history curriculum arrived this week! I have an additional book on order and I have to pay the library bookoo bucks in fines so I can check out more books and then we can start our long awaited history program. I also want to get a timeline to put up in the hallway that we can add to throughout the years and when we eventually get to the modern times we can add family events as well.

Right now Tabitha is playing Gameboy while Chris and Daisy watch the Kings and I play on the computer. Soon we’ll get the kids off to bed and then Chris and I can play our game.

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