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By Tara Zandra | July 22, 2012

The girls usually enter a lot of stuff into the fair, but life has been a little different this year and we put off even sending in the entry form until 2 days before the deadline. At that time the girls had 3 weeks to get their stuff done. My little procrasinators did nothing of their own accord and the deadline loomed over there. We then got down to 1 week before we had to turn everything in and I suddenly became the bad guy because I practically forced them to finish their crap. In the end, they each only turned in 2 items, and one of them was a coloring page. So they only had one bigger project each and that’s what I’m sharing a photo of with you.

The first you saw if you’re my friend on facebook. What you do is make a doll based on the fair’s pattern (looks like a gingerbread man) and this year they had to dress it as their favorite literary character. Tabitha had to say who it was on the entry form so there was no changing her mind if she found it too hard. I encourage my kids to do things that are too hard, but lord, I cannot take the angst of horrible it is and why she never should have tried and all the typical Fear of Failure so Why Even Try behaviors. Anyway, she had chose Katniss Everdeen from “Hunger Games” and wanted to do her red dress which gave her the nickname of Girl on Fire. I think she did a fantastic job. My contribution, aside from footing the bill and handholding (Oh god, was there handholding!), was braiding the hair right but other than that it’s all her.



Again, the shape is pre-determined and you must use fleece or felt. The dress must be handmade but you could buy like doll glasses or shoes if you wanted. So Tabitha designed the dress as she envisioned it and painstakingly glued all those rhinestones one by one to give the illusion of fire. She then used fabric paint for the facial features. I think she did a fantastic job and I sincerely hope she gets a really nice ribbon for it.

Now for Daisy. She entered the Design Your Own Wand category. She started reading Harry Potter this year so it appealed to her. It had a size restriction but other than that the only rules were to write a tag telling the wands imagined properties and you could name it if you wanted.


So this is the Icy Freezer and the tip is a unicorn horn and those are phoenix feathers at the base. Its power is the ability to freeze people. Now, she designed the whole thing, but then stalled on the part about making her vision a reality so I helped more than I would have liked. It’s the first year she’s entered this type of category, we’ll make sure next year she has more than just an idea (which I do think was a good idea) and actually has thoughts on how to accomplish said ideas when she sends in the entry form.

You wouldn’t think, but both projects cost a small fortune so the kids have been instructed to bring home at least 2nd place ribbons (it’s points based and ribbons are given kind of like grades so it’s not about beating other kids unless you get a sweepstakes). The fair isn’t until September though, so we won’t know until then.

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