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Good Friday

By Tara Zandra | July 21, 2012

I’m am cold most of the time. For example, I wear my fuzzy slippers in the summer because the AC, set at 78 degrees, makes me cold. If I could get away with setting it to 80 I would, but I think the family would revolt. But this past week of getting in and out of a molten lava car several times a day made me not want to sit in the heat at Park yesterday. So I texted a friend who’s usually up for anything to see if she had any ideas for an air conditioned location. She needed one of her kids to stay home, so she just invited us over and we had a lovely chat. I missed my book club this week due to Daisy’s cold, so she and I sat and discussed it for awhile before moving on to other topics. Meanwhile, the kids had a great time and enjoyed popsicles and hid from us when they knew it was time for Daisy to leave.

Last night was show time for the day camp Tabs has been attending all week. She loves this camp so much and is always sad to see it end. We enjoyed watching her on stage (the camp kids are like singing and dancing extras) and her costume was too cute being early 19th century style of dress with a big bow in her hair.

Kids didn’t get to bed until midnight so I’m being nice and letting them sleep in. But now it’s 9am and in my house, that’s as late as you’re allowed so I’m off to wake all the lazy bums.

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