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wash it away

By Tara Zandra | July 19, 2012

I’m not a very fun person to live with right now. I recognize that and am trying not to be snippy but I fail far more than I suceed. I had an unexpected hour and half alone this evening though. I sat for a bit and enjoyed the silence then jumped in the shower with no hoopla of people needing me just before or just after. I wish the massage function worked so I could have used it on my nect to get rid of some of this tension, but it was still lovely just letting the water tumble over me and take some of my problems with it.

Tabitha is taking a break from her project so I’m using this time to put on headphones and ignore the yapping dog and jumping seven year old, cute as they both may be. Daisy’s project is thankfully done save for one very small and easy part that I am more than happy to put off until tomorrow.

Well there was more, but the little one circling my chair is making me self concious as she likes to read over your shoulder when you’re sitting at the computer. Who taught that kid to read anyway ;)

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