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hello morning

By Tara Zandra | July 13, 2012

Woke up feeling fantastic. I can’t explain it since we went to bed a half hour “late” and I’ve been so tired all week, but here I am. Alarm went off and I hopped out of bed. Weird, but I’ll take it and hope it continues.

It’s threatening thunder storms but I’m supposed to baby-sit outside today so I’d really like them not to materialize. Plus, Tabi’s outside all day with the day camp. She still comes home exhausted, but she’s having a great time.

I’m back to sewing after I’m not sure how long off of it. The other day after dropping of Tabi, Daisy and I headed to the fabric store just for elastic so I could finish off her dress. Good grief was I overcome by all the beautiful fabric just calling out to me. Sales abounded and there was even hallowen fabric. Halloween! One of my favorite times of year to sew for! I found THE fabric for, well, for something. I’ll figure that out later. I didn’t buy it yet as it was full price and no coupon, but it will be mine very shortly. I know Daisy will wear anything I sew, but not sure I could come up with something acceptable for the older child. If it’s just to wear to Disneyland and the pumpkin patch though, I think I can find something appropriate. Matter of fact, I just thought of a skirt she commented on that an adult was wearing at Disneyland last week and it was definitely homemade so maybe I can do something like that.

Anyway, the fabric was a-calling but I was very, very good, despite it being very, very hard and only bought what I needed, plus one small amount of could-not-resist pre-shirred fabric. I love making little sundresses for Daisy out of them. She was actually wearing one that same day- one I had made for Tabitha 3 years ago, sniff, sniff. Of course, it was short on her and almost to D’s ankles but the shirring allows great flexibility in size.

All right, I’ve only got 20-minutes before I attempt to wake the teen. I promised her a Coke on the way there this morning as it was rather hard to get her up yesterday. As for me, I need to do an anti-rain dance and get dressed.

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