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By Tara Zandra | July 10, 2012

Summer dance started today. For a switch it’s during lunch time instead of dinner. First Daisy had a jazz and tap combo class which she’s pretty much taking just for fun. But the teacher was definitely teaching in a different way than her other teachers so it was still new stuff and I feel she was challenged (a good thing). Tabitha then had her pointe class to keep her skills up over the summer. She said afterwards that she was sore so I guess 2 weeks off made her muscles go soft.

Other than that I did lessons with Daisy, Tabi napped and then, well then it was too darn hot to cook so the mister got us Subway. I probably could have managed if I hadn’t planned such a heavy meal. Tomorrow we’re going out, Thursday’s meal uses the crock pot (so it was too late to switch the menu to that) and Friday is a nice easy meal because I never want to cook after park. I could have done that today, but then we just would have needed something for Friday so it was easer to get Subway tonight. Easier for me, I mean, Chris was the one who had to go get it.

Since then we’ve all been living the summer life and lazing in the air conditioning. I’m counting down until children go to bed because “White Collar” is back tonight! Love that show :)

As a side note, Miss Daisy has been the picture of insanity all day. That’s not to say she isn’t delightful, on the contrary I’ve been laughing all day. But she’s been so crazy that she actually climbed a wall by putting one hand on the wall, the other on the cabinet and lifted herself about 18-inches off the ground and bicycled her legs while sticking out her tongue and making a funny face. Not sure she’s even going to be able to go to sleep as the crazy is seriously coursing through her veins.

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