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It’s summer

By Tara Zandra | July 4, 2012

As in today is July 4th. Not a day I’m particularly fond of. Frankly, I hate parties so I don’t go to friends’ houses; I won’t do a BBQ at the park or beach on a holiday (not that we have ever done that any other day of the year); and fireworks aren’t fun if you aren’t shooting them off. We do neighbor an area that either allows fireworks or doesn’t care as we get a fun show put on by 70% of our neighbors. These are actual fireworks too, not that safe and sane crap. The beauty of living a couple hours from Mexico where they are, apparently, easy to find and bring back home. We sometimes do buy the safe and sane ones, but I’m feeling particularly scroogish this year so we’ll see. I have a couple hours to decide.

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