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last day of Sept.

By Tara Zandra | September 30, 2006

While Tabitha was at hula this morning, Chris and I took Daisy to Henry’s for a bit of shopping. She was not a happy camper and even a stop at Jamba Juice failed to turn her around. After class we were headed to Target, but Daisy actually fell asleep so we just came home for awhile until her nap was over. Tabitha played computer games, I worked on the computer and Chris took the car for an oil change. Once he was home, we played some Dark Cloud until Daisy awoke.

Next we pawned the kids off took the kids to my in-laws’ for a visit while Chris and I went to Togo’s for lunch and then a quick stop at a Target. We found one of Tabitha’s Christmas gifts on clearance so we made sure to pick that up to add to my very small stockpile.

After we got the kids we headed to Ikea. Yeah, that didn’t go well. Daisy was still in a heck of a foul mood and Tabitha was bouncing off the walls. Daisy does have a bit of a virus so she kind of has an excuse, but I still didn’t like it. She’s also refusing to eat which always makes her cranky. After Ikea we went to another Target (we’re looking for something specific) and that actually went pretty good. This Target has just finished a remodel and it’s now better than our closer Target even though it was just remodeled last year. We then headed for home where I made my shopping list and left with Tabi while Chris put Daisy to bed.

Off and on I’ve been working on details of our trip. I just finished Day 1 but need to add in photos which are on the laptop. Expect the first report soon.

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