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Day 1

By Tara Zandra | October 2, 2006

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“I wonder what we forgot.” I said as we headed in the dark towards the freeway on Day 1 of our long awaited vacation. The answer: the kids’ carryon bag. Thank goodness Chris knew that answer right away and we were able to have my fil turn the car around so we could quickly grab it.

The ride to the airport was uneventful, as was security. In fact, we had over 2 hours until our flight. We spent a bit of time in LAX’s small food area and munched various foods (with Tony Parker also in the dining area) before making our way to our gate. For the most part, the waiting wasn’t too bad, save for a slight struggle with Daisy over staying in our area before we boarded.

The actual flight was fine, though both kids were crying upon our first descent into Houston due to their ears bothering them in a big way. We didn’t have baby Tylenol since liquids were banned and it never occurred to us to bring some for Tabitha as she has never had issues with her ears on a flight before. Chris distracted Tabitha with conversation and I hypnotized Daisy with finger spelling the alphabet while singing the song in her ear. She slept, Tabitha played- that’s how the rest of the flight went before we landed in Orlando.

Plane fun day1b.jpg

We got our stroller and then found our way to the “Magical Express” check-in line. This is Disney’s transportation from the airport to the resorts. While I was in line by myself, I had to fight to hold back tears. I couldn’t believe that we finally made it. We were in Orlando and honest-to-goodness on our way to being in Walt Disney World. By the time I got back to the family, Chris had to give me a big hug to shield me from the kids so I could let a few tears flow.

Off we go to the resort! The drive on the bus lasted merely 25 minutes so we didn’t pass too much in the way of scenery. A couple things that struck me as interesting was the lack of fences in the back yards, it was like one large community plot of land and then a couple anti-social people with a fence (for the record, that would totally be us). Houses with pools did have the coolest looking enclosures, but other than that, just open grass.

As we pulled into Pop Century I experienced a little thrill, which quickly died when I saw the check-in line. Eventually we were done and we headed to our room in the ‘80s section (translation: really far away). day1h.jpg

First of all, that is one cheesy resort with the giant icons day1i.jpg, but I knew about them so no big deal. The size of the room, however, or more appropriately, the lack of size, was a shocker. No one could have prepared me for how absolutely miniscule these rooms are. I was told small, I was even told really small, I should have been told not to bother. I still cannot get over how tiny they were. Thank goodness we went in the value season because if I had paid full price for this thing I would have been ticked off royally.

Anyway, after we looked around we noticed it was basically time to head out so we’d get to our restaurant on time. We took the Disney bus to Magic Kingdom (which was cool to see at the beginning of our trip) and then walked over to The Contemporary Resort day1c.jpg for dinner at Chef Mickey’s, a character buffet. To sum up, long wait, fabulous food, interesting decor, pretty good character interaction, and lousy service.

day1d.jpg day1e.jpg day1f.jpg

We made it back to our room eventually. In hindsight I should never have scheduled a dinner for our first night after such a long day flying across country. We should have eaten at our resort and then went for a night swim. But the restaurant was fun so I can’t really regret it by any means.

And thus ends Day 1 of the Anc Fam’s long awaited trip to Walt Disney World.


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4 Responses to “Day 1”

  1. Miss Quinlan Says:
    October 2nd, 2006 at 3:40 pm

    That’s some story.
    I can’t wait to read more.

  2. Mandi Says:
    October 2nd, 2006 at 8:31 pm

    So far so good! LOL I can’t wait for more updates and more pics. I am so happy that you finally got to have your dream come true.

  3. Mel Says:
    October 6th, 2006 at 7:37 pm

    Awesome. btw, B LOVED the postcard. She was so ecstatic! She is collecting postcards for our states study so now has one for Florida!

  4. Melody Says:
    October 12th, 2006 at 9:03 am

    Yep I’m behind once again and just now reading this. But How FUN, I’m enjoying the read! I’m so glad you got to go!