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take it on the chin

By Tara Zandra | September 29, 2006

We just ordered a doorway chin up bar, care to guess who will be using it? That would be Miss Daisy. Insane, I know. But the kid holds onto the table edge, takes her feet off the ground and swings, while squealing “schwiiiiiing!” oh so merrily. I have got to get her into My Gym, but that’s only once a week so a chin up bar will help that crazy need of hers to hoist herself with her arms. She also likes to sit in her booster, put one hand on each arm and lift her body off the chair. My favorite tale to tell is the day she grasped the counter edge and then walked up the sheer face of the cabinet. Two leaps across the room and I stopped her. So we’re installing a nice safe alternative to using the furniture.

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