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One more time! Disneyland!

By Tara Zandra | September 21, 2011

Today we attended a birthday party at Disneyland. Before we left I asked Daisy to check if all our passes were where they belonged. As we pulled into the Disneyland parking lot, I reached for the passes and they weren’t there. Turns out she checked if they were in their pouch (they were), then proceeded to take them out of the pouch and put them all on the table. *sigh* So I had to pay the $15 parking fee and then stand in line at guest relations to get one day passes. Turns out they would have refunded the parking fee if I hadn’t left the ticket in the car but I didn’t know that. It really wasn’t that big of a deal other than it almost made us late.

While we were at guest relations, one of my friends who was also attending the party walked up to renew her and her son’s passes. He was done first but her’s was still processing so she had me take him in so I could hopefully get all the kids to the party on time. I put Tabi in charge as “leader” and told the 2 younger ones to follow her. She did an excellent job and practically had those kids running- though not, because that’s not allowed at Disneyland ;) We did make it, thankfully.

First up was Jedi training then Autopia, followed by Astro Oribiter, the train, Casey Jr. and Tea Cups. Somewhere in there was lunch at Redd Rocket’s and we ended with cupcakes at the birthday celebration thing at Plaza Inn. Apparently Daisy really enjoyed that part and told Tabitha that’s exactly what she was going to do when she turned 7 because it’s what Tabitha did at 7. Precedence, you know. Thankfully Tabitha told me that Daisy expects it so we’ll make the reservation when it’s time.

As soon as the cupcake party was done, we raced home, packed the kids’ dinner, dropped Tabitha off at tap, dropped Daisy off with my in-laws and then headed to the Staples Center for a preseason Kings game. It’s always nice to go out just the two of us and I didn’t get to a single hockey game last season so it was doubly nice.

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