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freakin’ weather

By Tara Zandra | April 14, 2006

Yesterday we were all basking in the 83º heat with the kiddies clad in shorts and today we’re stuck with rain and a high of 68º. Huh?

I hit Target last night while Tabitha was in hula and found the last bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs for Chris; no Creme Eggs though, they were all gone. Of course, I spent half an hour there and forgot two important items so I’ll be going back tomorrow morning while Tabitha is back in hula. I don’t really mind as it gives me an easy way to keep Daisy occupied. I enjoy watching Tabitha’s class, but Daisy is only happy to watch for about 10 minutes and then she wants to run around which isn’t really feasible. So, Target twice a week, there are worse ways to spend my time :)

I thought I knew what the girls were going to wear on Easter, but this cold weather is making me re-evaluate. I refuse to buy “Easter dresses” because they won’t get worn again. Daisy’s dress is one I love and bought two months ago at Gymboree and I think it will still work because I can put a white ruffly onesie underneath. What I had planned for Tabitha though is definitely a sun dress with spaghetti straps and all. We bought it at Naartjie a couple months ago and have been waiting for summer so she can wear it. Then the warm weather yesterday gave me [false] hopes that she could wear it Sunday. Now it’s a no go and honestly, I’m not sure what else to put her in, she has a pretty casual wardrobe and her more stylish outfits are not quite holiday appropriate. I wanted to see if Gymboree still has barrettes that go with Daisy’s dress so we’re probably going to the mall tomorrow so perhaps we’ll see if we can pick something up for Tabitha that will work. Of course, if this rain continues, I won’t get to walk tonight so maybe we’ll go to the mall tonight with Chris because I truly hate going on Saturdays if I can help it. Matter of fact, there’s a picture Tabitha really wants me to print for hula tomorrow, so going tonight may just be the best idea all around. I guess it’s settled then :)

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