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Rest of August

By Tara Zandra | August 31, 2011

Back to work for Chris and back to full day of lessons for the girls and I. Nothing parcticularly interesting or out of the ordinary. I do enjoy having uninterrupted lesson time. It’s taken me a year, but I think I finally have a rhythm of working with both girls. Tabitha does a lot of work on her own so we try to make some kind of schedule so I’m working with Daisy while Tabs is on her own and then I can be done with Daisy while Tabitha needs me. I only do math and spelling with Tabitha and everything else I’m there for guidance and correcting her work. Whereas for Daisy, I have to do everything with her except her reading time. That’s something new too. I never implemented reading time with Tabitha because it simply wasn’t necessary. Once she read her first Magic Treehouse book and her first Ramona Quimby book, she was hooked. But Daisy doesn’t like novels, she reads short stories in Disney princess anthology books. Over and over again. Or the stories in Sesame Street books. Not that there isn’t value in short stories, but reading novels is needed as well. So she has a half hour reading time per day where she has to read a novel. We’ve gone to the store and chosen books with her approval like mysteries or a series about dogs. The first dog book she read in one sitting in about half an hour. Said she really liked it so I bought the others then she would only read for 5 minutes or so before switching back to her Disney books. Thankfully the child does love to read and in fact, is constantly reading, so it’s not a struggle to tell her she has to read for half an hour. She likes all the novels she reads, so not sure why they are never her first choice.

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