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rise and :yawn:

By Tara Zandra | September 22, 2006

Daisy is now waking up when Chris’s alarm goes off so that’s a glorious 5:30am. Yee-haw. We gotta get her out of our room and fast! She basically sleeps through the night with only an ocassional waking once a week or so. That’s what we were waiting for in order to move her into Tabitha’s room. So I guess we’ll start looking into Tabitha’s new bed. We don’t necessarily want to get a new bed, but Daisy’s bed will not fit into the bedroom with that large slide jutting out into the center of the room. So we’re going with another loft bed which will later be turned into a bunk bed. It has an adjustable height and we’ll put it below the highest point to make bed accessible for bedtime routine and such. But we’ll put it higher than her current bed to allow more room underneath. That has always been my complaint about the bed, too little headroom and the space does not get used as a play area, which is the whole reason I wanted the bed (well, that and the slide). So that’s next on the agenda of big purchases. We’ll buy the parts to make it a bunk bed as well, we’ll just put those into storage until needed. Once we get Daisy out we’ll look into re-doing our bedroom, we’ve had the same furniture for 11 years now and both the bed and my dresser are broken. My dresser is basically unusable, the bed only has cosmetic damage so it will definitely get a lower priority. Of course with Christmas and classes for the girls, who knows when these items will actually get purchased.

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