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By Tara Zandra | September 12, 2006

Today is all akilter because we took Chris to work this morning and then went to Kindermusik. Daisy has aged into the next class but she’s the youngest one there. She had a good time spending a good portion of the time doing free form Daisy dance in the way only she can do. It’s like she’s channeling Madonna and Vogueing because she’s dances like a madman and then does this slow motion *stomp*, *pose*, *stomp*, *pose* and STOP! at which point she holds the last pose for up to half a minute. Bi-zarre. But funny as heck to watch. I’d try to catch it on video but I doubt she’d do it on cue. Anyway, the class is way more structured than the baby class and had more of a “preschool” feel to it for lack of a better word. Not sure how I feel about that being as I’m extremely against preschool for any and all kids (regardless of them going on to public school or homeschooling). Tabitha was happy we went because I had bought her a new American Girl book last week but saved it until today for her to read during class.

I had planned to do lessons after lunch but somehow that never happened. Our mornings are really the time of day that is structured for us, from the time we wake up until lunch. At that point, it’s whatever. So it’s hard to suddenly do lessons during our normal “whatever” time. I don’t want to skip Tuesdays every week though so we’ll have to figure something out.

Good news on the Chris front. Starting tomorrow his new schedule will be him coming home an hour earlier! Yay! It’s no 2:30 like it was an eon ago with his previous company, but we’ll take it. When he first started he wasn’t off until 6pm and now we’re up to 4pm so little by little we’re getting closer to what we consider a decent hour. Now we can go back to dinner at 5:00pm every day, not just on weekends. Our evenings are about to get better and less hurried. Maybe I’ll even get to scrapbook again!

Speaking of that, last night Tabitha, Chris and Daisy were looking at Tabitha’s first year scrapbook (her only completed book) and I couldn’t even feel guilty for not having Daisy’s first year done because I only finished Tabi’s last year, lol. I just want to get back into it regularly. For a time there I was scrapping 5 or 6 days a week and now, not so much. I don’t know why I don’t do it while Daisy naps. Honestly I don’t do anything while she naps except sit at the computer or maybe watch The View. Part of me would like to bring my craft desk out here to the dining room, but then the kids’ computer would need a new home and I don’t have a clue where that would be. I haven’t even had pics printed in forever. I really need to get back into it. Maybe I should set a goal and can share the layouts here to help keep me honest. I have other things going on right now though so perhaps I won’t set the goal quite yet. Procrastinating much? LOL

Alright, I’ve typed LOL three times in one post, I’m obviously out of things to say and not nearly funny enough to warrant those three little letters.

Peace out.


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