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best laid plans

By Tara Zandra | June 29, 2011

Saturday the girls had their dance recital. It was an all day affair that marked the end of 10 months of very hard work on both their parts. They will each be taking one summer class but it doesn’t start for a few weeks. So I told them they would have the week after the recital (this week) to do whatever they wanted. No lessons, no errands, they didn’t even have to get dressed.

As happens, life gets in the way. Monday was a glorious day, let me tell you. I did get dressed because I don’t like being in pajamas all day, but other than that, I sat on the couch and read for roughly 6 hours. The kids took turns playing on the computer all day. At one point we went into the backyard and they had some water fun as it was a pretty hot day.

And that was the end of our week off. Yesterday and today, Tabitha had to be at a Girl Scout event at 8:30 in the morning and picked up at 12:30. Her troop is running a Daisy Girl Scout day camp. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal, but having the day bisected like that really gets in the way of doing whatever. I had to pack a lunch, and get people up and out on time plus clock watch which is exactly what I do every other darn day of the year. The whole point was to not have to do that.

Tomorrow I did agree to a field trip which I do want to do but also signed up for it before the Girl Scout thing came up. But if we weren’t on the field trip, Tabi would have another day of scouts so what’s the difference. Friday is Friday, of course, with park and violin so that was never going to be a pajama day.

Anyway, I feel like this week was wasted because we didn’t get prime doing nothing time yet we got nothing accomplished either. Now next week, everyday is spoken for and I’m trying to figure out how to cram math lessons into that plus violin practice.

I’m just feeling sorry for myself, I know, everyone should have such easy problems. I’m not saying it’s important, merely that something I planned didn’t work out and I often feel that way which gets me down a little bit.

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