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long week

By Tara Zandra | June 20, 2011

I’ve had good weeks before and last week was not one of them. Too many extra hours spent at dance was definitely a factor, daily headaches were another, then I started have simultaneous nausea and stomach aches. Yee-haw.

There were a couple high points- we had a play date one day that was lovely. Another day I was on the fence about running to Henry’s. Tabi decided she wanted to go somewhere but I wasn’t enthralled with any of her suggestions. At some point I realized I was waiting for her to suggest going to Henry’s and that wasn’t going to happen of course (it’s a grocery store, for those that don’t know). So I came up with the idea to go to the San Bernardino Museum. It’s been on Places to Visit list for a long time so I figured why not now? It’s a very small museum which has it’s pros and cons. On the pro side, we were able to finish the entire museum in a couple hours which simply isn’t possible with the LA Natural History Museum. On the downside, they are renovating so you really feel it when couple areas are closed. We had a good time though and will probably go back in another year to see how they’ve expanded.

On the found dog front, we’ve got a breed and age and she does not have a microchip. So now we’ll put up a lot of listings on websites to see if we can find an owner. No lost dogs signs have been put up where she was found so we’ll see if the power of the internet can reunite her with her original family. If not, we are more than happy to be her family.

Our weekend was pretty good. Saturday I took the girls to Toys R Us for a family Lego building event. The word event may oversell it a bit but we had a nice time. Chris was unfortunately stuck at home doing outside work.

Later on in the day when Chris was completely done and had showered we told him we’d go wherever he wanted for lunch since he had worked so hard. He chose Chili’s and it was rather a nice lunch. When we were home again, Chris napped, Tabitha did something or other while Daisy and I built a new Lego set. It’s a log cabin and oh so cute! Tabitha’s interest in Legos has reawakened my love of building with those little bricks. I used to have pirate and castle sets when I was a teen and kept them displayed on my dresser. So I bought the log cabin technically for myself, but Daisy did most of the building and then took the set from me to play with.

Sunday was Father’s Day and Chris said he just wanted to spend time with us. I cooked him Mickey Mouse Egg McMuffins for breakfast and then we took him to get a haircut and his car washed. Those are two things that he’s been putting off as we’ve had other stuff to do so it was a good thing for him. Sadly, we then came home and did more work outside but I did make his favorite dinner- veggie meatloaf with tomato gravy, plus red cabbage salad, and mashed potatoes. So not a bad Father’s Day overall.

Today has been a thousand times better than most of last week so I’m glad I’m off to a good start.

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