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Sleepless in LA

By Tara Zandra | June 13, 2011

This was my annual “no sleep” weekend as Chris went away with his dad and brother. I have to be completely exhausted in order to sleep when he’s not here but of course I still have to get up in the morning so I got 4 hours each night. On the bright side, I watched 3 movies. Saturday night was Letters to Juliet which was exactly what I expected and wanted. Sunday night I went with a double feature. First up was You Again which sadly lived up to the poor reviews. I wanted more from it and though I don’t begrudge the dollar I paid to see it, but I’m not happy about the time spent. I ended the night (or morning, however you want to consider 1:30am) with Just Go with It which I felt was much better than the reviews led me to believe. I really enjoyed it and wished I could have watched it with Chris.

Saturday was just Daisy and I pretty much, as well as a new dog. She was found by a friend and we have taken her in for now. She has no collar but seems well kept. We’re going to take her to a vet to see about scanning her to see if she’s micro-chipped and also get an idea of her breed and age and then do whatever we can to find her owners. In the event we cannot make contact, we will formally adopt her. If we are successful in finding her owners it will be a little sad for us but will also feel so wonderful to make someone that happy. The kids understand and are prepared but in the meantime we are enjoying our visitor. She’s smaller than our cat, but not a puppy and seriously the sweetest little thing ever. So we’ll see how that goes.

During all this, Tabitha was at a end of year Girl Scout sleepover. Before we picked her up Daisy and I hung out at a Burger King play area where they tortured me with the music. It was all that pop crap like Katy Perry and Beiber and I hear those songs at dance often enough. After we picked up Tabitha we brought her home to meet the dog and that was pretty much the rest of the evening- we all played with the dog.

Sunday we went to the Discovery Science Center for their Waterworks and Mr. Potato Head exhibits. I was disappointed because if you’re going to have a summer exhibit called Waterworks I kind of expected, you know, water. When we went to the Chicago Children’s Museum, they have a whole section dedicated to water where you have to don a raincoat in order to not get drenched. This was nothing like that at all. I think it was probably a fine exhibit but since I had the wrong idea I wasn’t happy. Now that I know I’ll be able to judge better on our next visit. The Mr. Potato Head was pretty good but really crowded. We’ll hit it again during the week though we’ll have to dodge summer day camps.

Today was supposed to be a normal day but the kids started some elaborate game involving Littlest Pet Shops right after breakfast and I didn’t have the heart to break them up. As I’m rather tired, I may have just been looking for an excuse. But I got some work done in my room that I’ve been putting off so it’s not so bad. They did both practice violin after lunch and Tabitha did math but I didn’t want to work Daisy too hard as she had 3 hours of dance today.

She and I had to leave before Chris got home so he actually came to the studio after a while and hung out so we could see each other. Tabitha sat in on the dance class as many of her friends were in it so Chris and I had some nice time. It will feel good to sit with him tonight after the kids are in bed and of course, I’m looking forward to sleeping.

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One Response to “Sleepless in LA”

  1. Mel Says:
    June 13th, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    When T travels which luckily is rare any more, I do the same thing and watch movies all night long, sleep about 3 hours if I’m lucky…sucks so bad. LOL Good luck with the doggy! Man, I would LOVE to find a dog to keep. I’m wearing down Tom’s defenses about getting a second one but if one fell in our laps he wouldn’t say no. LOL