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By Tara Zandra | May 30, 2011

Great weekend so far! My birthday is tomorrow so I’ve been thinking of this as a 4 day weekend and I’ve been determined to make the most of it; I think I succeeded! Friday night Tabitha and a friend went to Pump It Up for their tweens only night. Chris did the drop off and said it was akin to a club for little kids. There was even a DJ though when Chris picked up they were playing Baby Got Back so perhaps the DJ is unsure of what age constitutes a ‘tween.’ The festivities ended at 11 so the friend stayed the night here. Thankfully she’s the kind of girl who likes to sleep at sleepovers so she is welcome to come back anytime!

The next morning, all 5 of us went to brunch in the form of food trucks. There were 2 trucks, The Sweets Truck and Buttermilk. All the kids and Chris grabbed something from The Sweets Truck while we waited for Buttermilk for true breakfast food. Myself and the 2 older girls had veggie omelets with rosemary hashbrowns were A-Mazing. Daisy stuck with her usual chocolate chip red velvet pancakes and Chris had Hawaiian bread French toast sticks. Now that’s how you start a Saturday.

Once home I was subjected to a couple hours of karaoke by the Tabs and her friend. Not just any karaoke though, High School Musical karaoke. Good grief. Chris hid out in the bedroom with my netbook and watched TV. I was working on a sewing project though so had no choice but to listen.

After the friend was picked up by her mom, we went to the fabric store and a couple errands, nothing too interesting. We all chilled and I finished up the tunic I was sewing. I’m so pleased with it. It’s fabric I’ve had for probably a year and a half so it’s good to finally use it.

After we got the kids in bed Chris and I watched No Strings Attached. Funny and cute which is what we expected. I know it doesn’t look good but we really enjoyed it.

Sunday morning everyone slept in so we got a late start on the day. Once we got going, around 11ish, I’d say, we went out to Pio Pico State Historical Park. It ties into California History for Tabitha but I hadn’t planned on visiting yet. However, it is on the state park closure list due to budget cuts so I figured we should get there before it was too late. The day was drizzly and all together far to yucky for May, but I’m glad we went and were able to have an enjoyable time there. It’s a shame it’s not open during the week anymore as I’d love to hang out there with the girls. They could explore the grounds while I sat in the sun with a book. But alas, it’s not meant to be.

Home again and I sat down to the next part of the outfit I’m sewing. Tabitha started baking a lemon merengue pie while Chris played video games and Daisy just played. After a while my mom and sister came over for a visit which was nice.

When they left we decided to go out to dinner and Tabitha picked Denny’s. Yeah, we’re not going there again. They raised their prices, changed their veggie burger to something I didn’t care for, and there are TVs throughout the restaurant. Why are so many restaurants putting TVs in the dining room? Unless I’m at a bar and grill I do not expect to see a TV. I want to talk with my family, not discuss why Hansen is still making music while their video plays. I figure we’ll still keep them as a breakfast option but that’s it.

Once again we had picked up a movie, this time we chose The Tourist. Look, I know both Angelina and Johnny Depp pretty much phoned in their acting, but the movie did not deserve the hatred it received. It was enjoyable for what it was and I don’t regret watching it at all.

After a couple late nights in a row, Chris was nice enough to give me an early birthday gift and get up with Daisy this morning. That meant I didn’t get up until 9 which is pretty much unheard of for me. I pulled myself together quickly though so we’d get out earlier and we went off letterboxing. We went to such a wonderful park I’ve never even seen before and I cannot wait to go back with the girls. The playground is fairly mundane but the setting and the trails and the way it’s put together are beautiful and inspire imaginative play and exploration. After we found the letterbox, we tried out geocaching. Though we found both locations, we did not find the actual geocache either time. So not the most successful forary into geocaching but we’ll get the hang of it.

We stopped at home for a brief bit and then went to Payless to buy me wooden sandals. My mom had some in the ’70s and I remember walking around the house in them when I was a little thing so I was determined to have my own pair. Sadly the picture in my head did not materialize but I found a pair I really liked anyway. They really are wooden, no cushioning on the sole at all, should be interesting.

Last year I expanded my jeans and t-shirt look to include big, interesting earrings. This year I’m adding better shoes than Converse and Crocs. Watch out, I’m a budding fashionista! :-/

Then it was time to really kick off this birthday and go to lunch/dinner with my in-laws. I chose Cheesecake Factory and all I have to say is, I made an excellent choice. Avocado egg rolls, crispy fried artichoke hearts, and stuffed mushrooms. I also had their small Greek salad which wasn’t that great of a choice but all the other things more than outweigh that. Oh yeah, and cheesecake. I’m a purist so it’s plain for me but everyone else went fancy-schmancy.

Once home, the four of us sat down to watch Tangled. Only Tabitha had seen it before. Excellent movie even if Daisy and I both ended up crying. Loves me some Zachary Levi besides so it was good to hear his voice.

And now I’ve been typing this post for an hour, I think that’s good enough. I got 2 more hours of age 36- I hope 37 goes at least half as well as the last year because it was a pretty good 365 days.

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5 Responses to “ahem”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    May 30th, 2011 at 10:12 pm

    Wow, sounds like an fun, action-packed weekend. I’ve never seen a food truck that serves breakfast food, but then I only ever go at lunchtime, which probably explains it.:)

    Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!

  2. Husband Says:
    May 31st, 2011 at 5:28 am

    I will make it my goal to make sure that the next 365 days are even better than the preceeding 365 days.
    Happy Birthday!
    I love you

  3. Kari Smith Says:
    June 1st, 2011 at 11:24 am

    So glad you blogged about your birthday weekend. Have missed your (almost) daily mussings. I also enjoyed watching Tourist a few days ago. I had put it off because of the not-so-good reviews, but it was ok. Saw Tangled a while back when my granddaughter was here, was good. We actually have food trucks downtown on Thursdays. They are an experiment. So I have got to go to the location next week. Not tomorrow because Aunt Pati is flying in! Yea!

  4. Kari Smith Says:
    June 1st, 2011 at 11:24 am

    Just noticed the new picture in the corner. Gorgeous!

  5. Mel Says:
    June 2nd, 2011 at 12:50 am

    I’ve yet to see a food truck and don’t think we have them here but I keep hoping because every time you post about them it makes me drool. LOL We don’t have a Cheesecake Factory either (whine) but I adore those avocado eggrolls. I’m the only one that eats them so I get the entire plate to myself.