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Who needs sleep?

By Tara Zandra | April 10, 2011

This weekend was a bit taxing for one Miss Tabitha. Saturday started innocently enough. Tabitha had cleaned the playroom the night before, which trust me, was quite the undertaking. She was motivated by the desire to build with her Legos. It was understood the playroom needed to be spotless in order to bring out those tiny pieces. She had been putting it off for a long time as these were sets she received for Christmas and her birthday. Anyway, she then spent Saturday morning putting together a house while Daisy played near her.

After lunch we got Daisy dressed up fancy as we were off to a Fancy Nancy party at Barnes and Noble. It wasn’t what I would hope for, but Daisy enjoyed it well enough. She won the game Hot Tiara but her prize is a 3 pack of books that are far beyond any Fancy Nancy reader. She did make a butterfly with tons of glitter so it wasn’t all for nothing :)

In the late afternoon we all headed to my in-laws’ house to see some visiting relatives. We had a nice time and then we extended our time together by going to dinner. Conversation always flows at the dinner table so it was a wonderful evening.

When we got home, Daisy went to bed and Tabitha put on PJs but then she was driven to the mall because it was Girl Scouts’ annual Mall Madness event. Not a slumber party, oh no. These girls stayed up all night locked into the mall. Those poor leaders! It was a Totally ’80s theme but her troop opted to simply be comfy in pajamas. There was a live band, crafts, shopping, and food. Tabitha said there weren’t quite enough activities to fill the time but she loved the novelty of staying up all night, being allowed unlimited caffeine drinks, and hanging with friends.

I got up at 5 Sunday morning to pick up the little zombie. She was dragging but very talkative on the way home so I know she had a great time. I got her into bed at 6am with her Pac Man decorated sleep mask that she made at the event.

I woke her at 11am and she jumped in the shower to help wake up. Six hours of sleep was going to need to be enough because she had a violin recital. Good grief!

Due to the cruise and a couple lessons that had to be missed, she wasn’t as recital ready as usual meaning she had to use the sheet music instead of memorized. But she really played beautifully. Here’s where I’d be inserting the video if not for operator error (that would be me). But I’m still going to video her playing her recital piece later this week.

My mom had accompianied us to the recital, so afterwards we all went to a late lunch/ early dinner at Millies. By the time we got home, Tabitha was kind of in a zoning out mode so she took it easy the rest of the day before we sent her to be an hour early. True to form, she still tried to protest bedtime :)

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One Response to “Who needs sleep?”

  1. Mandi Says:
    April 13th, 2011 at 9:10 am

    You know, despite the sleep deprivation, it’s weekends like that that she’ll remember forever. :) Sounds like a great weekend to me!