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Does this ship ever stop rocking?

By Tara Zandra | March 21, 2011

Alternate title: I’m on vacation, but I still have to get my kids places on time.

Day 2 found us waking up to still ugly skies, but better than home. The seas were still considered rough and I did feel the need to take one more Dramamine. Breakfast was the first order of business and we opted for the buffet upstairs. It was a fairly standard breakfast buffet which means satisfying and filling.

After breakfast we went to the Promenade Lounge for Family Time. The activity of the day was making paper airplanes and was led by one of the cheerleaders named Deano from Ireland. He led us in the proper folding of an airplane and then we got markers to decorate them. Then everyone was lined up for a fly-off which was a little chaotic as you can imagine. I first took pictures of the kids and then Chris and I flew our airplanes directly at each other in a sort of game of chicken. Our soundtrack for this and seemingly all the family activities was 8 songs on a loop including We Rock, Party in the USA, Cha-Cha Slide and similar. Deano clearly is in the correct job though as he sang and white boy danced to every one of them.



Soon enough it was time for the kids to ditch us for their activities. Daisy headed to the Oceaneer’s Club for Do-Si-Do with Snow White and Tabitha went to the sports deck for Goofy’s World Records. I wish I had followed her because Goofy apparently warmed them up and made them do push-ups; really would have liked a picture of that one. The kids stayed in their clubs for Slide Time and Mouseketeer in Training for Daisy and Brains and Brawns Challenge I for the big kid. During that time Chris hit up a Better Shaved than Sorry seminar presented by the ship’s spa. I chose to journal in our room. When Chris was done he came back and napped a bit while I enjoyed some time sitting out on the verandah.



By the time the girls were both done we grabbed a light lunch again at Beach Blanket Buffet and the girls filled us in on their morning. Next we went back to our room to change and we took the kids to the Mickey pool slide. The wind made it really cold but the water is kept warm so the girls had a good time playing about. We didn’t have to go in because Daisy stayed in the Mickey pool which is only a foot and a half deep and Tabitha’s pool is only 4 feet deep.



Aside from taking pictures, I also took the time to walk around the entire top deck, Deck 10. It was at this time I realized how truly large the ship is. It took me a long time to walk all the way around and there was a ton of stuff. All decks are just like this it’s just usually you walk from place to place via corridors not by walking loops. I tried to get a couple pics of the smokestacks since I had missed that opportunity the day before.



Time for the kids to head off on their own again! This time Tabitha joined a friend she made to see the movie Tron in 3D and Daisy was back to the kids’ club for Little Einstein’s Adventure. We picked her up right after that and hung out in our room and then slowly got ready for dinner. That night was our formal night so we gussied up a bit. At one point, Chris, Daisy, and I were on the verandah and we saw a pod of dolphins right up next to the boat. Daisy was enthralled and it was a lovely, magical moment. I took time to marvel at the fact that I was standing on the verandah of my stateroom in a formal gown while dolphins frolicked below. All I was missing was champagne and we could have been a commercial.

Tabs barely made it back to the room in time to throw her dress on and brush her hair and then we went to stand in line for a picture with Mickey and Minnie dressed up in their best. Our formal evening picture was the only one I planned to purchase so I was determined to get it despite the long line. Daisy was less than pleased with my decision letting me know we had already seen them; indeed we had, but they weren’t dressed in gold earlier, now were they? No, I didn’t think so. I passed the time taking pictures of the girls. Tabitha was agreeable, Daisy posed a bit to hen pretended to sleep.








Dinner that night was at Animator’s Palette which seems appropriate since it’s in black and white. Daisy went with pizza for dinner though they served it with peas, carrots, and French fries as well. As for what the rest of us ate, I have no clue. I took a pic of the front of the menu but not the inside. We’ll just assume it was fairly tasty. I decided to go without dessert as I’m not a huge dessert person so something has to really strike me to order it. Plus, all the food on the ship is so rich and heavy that dessert would be overkill. My waiter was not happy with my decision. Especially since the previous night I ate nothing. So for my dessert, he brought me chocolate nothing much to everyone’s amusement.




Chris and I wanted to do an adult activity and Tabitha was looking forward to pizza making with the tweens and teens so Daisy had to go back to the kids’ club. Only the little kid one closed a little too early so we put her in the mid level one with the Make Your Own Puppet activity. I told them she only 6 and hadn’t been in this club before and sure enough, Daisy demanded we stay. But the yellow shirted kid counselor sent her on her way to wash her hands and she went so Chris and I headed to the Cadillac Lounge. The piano player was doing TV tune trivia which Chris and I rather enjoyed. Right when he got to Friends, we got a page that Daisy wanted to leave the club so that was that. She had a good time making her puppet, but once she was finished, she wasn’t interested in staying. We got back to the room where she was happy to see a dog towel animal wearing Tabitha’s sunglasses and the customary chocolate. You know, I might have to incorporate that tradition at home as chocolate before bedtime might mean less resistance at bedtime in general.



Sleep that night still didn’t come easy but at least once we were asleep, we stayed asleep.

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  1. Mel Says:
    April 16th, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    You guys look great in your formal shot! And the veranda scene sounds awesome.