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Competition Time

By Tara Zandra | March 13, 2011

The time was finally here, the girls’ first dance competition! I posted photos on Facebook so I won’t bother replicating them here, but I’ll go ahead and give some details.

Daisy has two competition dances, the first being a tap dance duet to Milkshake by The Village People. She and her partner are adorable, of course :) Her other team dance is a jazz dance with 4 girls and 1 boy and they dance to I Feel Good by James Brown.

Tabitha is on one team, also jazz. It consists of 5 girls and their song is Welcome to the Big Top which is essentially circus music. They have darling top hats and red gloves to complete the look.

The first competition was Saturday, Feb. 26, 2011. It was a hectic day because all three dances took place in about a 20-minute span which made it difficult for me because I had to change Daisy and her partner while trying to get back in the theater to see Tabi dance. Thankfully I made it and saw all the dances.

This competition gives each team a score based on nothing other than their dance. That score determines the type of award they take home regardless of how any other team does or how many are in your category. Then, if there are 2 or more teams competing in the same category they also give a 1st place trophy based on the highest score. Futhermore, they then take all the dance teams of all styles and group them by age and award first through tenth. Confused? Me too.

The awards from highest to lowest were Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire. Daisy’s duet received an Emerald based on their score. They didn’t compete against another team in their category but for duets they give both members a medal which really is all two 6 year olds care about. Daisy’s jazz team earned a Ruby ranking and sadly did not place in the top ten. Tabitha’s jazz team earned Diamond but also did not compete against another team so no awarding of a first place trophy. But her jazz team did take 3rd overall in their age group so that was real nice.

The second competition was Saturday, March 12, 2011. This one was a pain because thier dances and award ceremonies were place 2 hours apart each which meant not enough time to go home, but enough time to become very bored. Plus, Tabitha’s team award ceremony wasn’t until 11pm!

This time the groups were awarded stars up to 4 stars. They awarded a first place trophy even if you competed against no one which is how Daisy’s duet only scored 2 3/4 stars put they got a first place trophy. Oh my goodness the girls were so cute holding their trophy over their heads! They’re going to take turns keeping any trophies that come their way so this one now sits on our trophy shelf in the living room.

Daisy’s jazz team earned 3 1/4 stars as did Tabitha’s jazz team and both jazz teams ranked 10th overall in their age groups. All teams earned ribbons which we also placed on our trophy shelf.

The girls have 3 more competitions, one in each of the upcoming months. I think they are doing well, but of course, hope they can continue to improve. Especially Tabitha’s group because the score means more to the older girls, the little ones just like getting ribbons and medals.

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