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6+1 day

By Tara Zandra | February 5, 2011

The day after Daisy’s 6th birthday marked a bit of a milestone for me. On that day, I had been a mom of 2 kids for longer than I had been a mom of 1 kid. I looked forward to reaching that point. But I thought about it for a couple months leading up to Daisy’s birthday so it kind of ended up being rather anti-climatic for me. Oh well, I suppose I’m the only one who found it interesting anyway.

In other number news only interesting to me, Daisy is 6, Tabitha is 12, my sister is 24, and I’m 36. Man I love that and will be sad when my birthday hits this year.

So back to the day after Daisy’s birthday. We went to Disneyland- surprise! Wait, that’s not a surprise, that’s normal for us. I’ve been so scattered lately that I can’t even really remember the day so I’ll need to look at my pictures to be a timeline. Guess I’ll finish this post later, which is a shame, because I’m in the mood now and at dance, but I don’t have access to my photos on my netbook. Back to shilling cookies on Facebook for a couple hours :p

::5 hours later::

Daisy wanted to wear a princess dress to Disneyland. She chose Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame partly because we met her the weekend before and partly to be unique. Let me tell you, that dress got a ton of attention. I kept getting asked where we got it. Even Goofy himself managed to get across that he wanted to know where to get it. I told him he’d need a time machine and go back 6 years because it was bought when the big one wasn’t so big.

Anyway, she started off with Fantasyland rides, Dumbo, Carousel, Tea Cups, and then Toontown. Her sister was the main one who took her on those rides once again proving herself the most fantastic big sister in the world. After Daisy played in Toontown for awhile, we went to the Lunar New Year celebration for another Family Fun Weekend. The girls saw Mickey and Minnie, and Chip and Dale dressed in Asian style outfits as well as Mulan and Mushu. We watched the dancers for awhile who were way more interesting than the cloggers of the previous weekend and then headed to Thunder Mountain. Daisy was supposed to be able to ride 3 times with our two sets of fastpasses, but it broke after only one ride which was unfortunate.

We sat down to mozzarella sticks since they didn’t pan out on Tabitha’s birthday. Disneyland really does have the best mozzarella sticks on the planet even if they do make them nearly impossible to get.

Daisy had a gift card burning a hole in her pocket as well as the stuffed animal promise from the day before. So off we went to Main Street where she ended up with two stuffed animals a small toy. It was time to head across the way to California Adventure.

Daisy really wanted to spend time in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail so I had brought a change of clothes for her and off she went. Tabitha opted to sit with me while Chris followed Daisy but at some point, Daisy convinced Tabitha to follow her and then promptly spent the next 20-minutes doing her best to ditch her. All I know is I saw a blur on the rope bridge overhead and then saw my eldest child racing as fast as she could yelling “Daaaaaiiiiiissssssyyyyy!” At some point giggles floated down to me and frankly, that was probably the highlight of her birthday celebration :)

She tired herself out so we meandered to the exit with a quick stop for a candy treat. Then it was to our car where we were coincidentally parked on the Daisy Duck level in the 6th row. Now we have a fabulous picture.


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  1. Mel Says:
    March 16th, 2011 at 12:22 am

    Hee! I LOVE that photo!