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Now We Are Six (couldn’t resist)

By Tara Zandra | February 4, 2011

So the baby has turned 6! Amazing! Her day was filled with surprises the first being waking up to 6 pink balloons in her room and another two dozen in the living room. She was thrilled and instantly picked a few to name and play with for awhile. Her next surprise was breakfast in which I made her pancakes spelling out the word six. I stalled a bit on us going to park in order to bring her the next surprise- Chris took a half day and was home before 11am. She was very happy to have her daddy home and thought it a great surprise.

We then went to our park day for a couple hours and then stopped at Barnes and Noble for her free cookie. We went home so she could finally open her gifts. I think her sister’s gift to her was the favorite as it was a horse (roughly sized for a Barbie but not a Barbie horse) and she had been wanting a horse for quite a while. We got her a very nice copy of AA Milne’s “Now We Are Six” as well as sock monky nesting dolls, modeling clay, a mailbox and plush flower that she really, really wanted from Target, a gift certificate for a small stuffed animal of her choice from Disneyland, a ferris wheel for her fairies, a Fur Real pet chipmunk and a yo-yo.

We took a break from the festivities to grab a quick lunch and then Chris took Tabitha to violin while I baked the cake. She asked for vanilla so I went with Buttery Vanilla Buttermilk cake with pink frosting and pearl candies. Once Chris and Tabitha were home it was time for the next surprise. We headed to a mall that has an indoor bungy/trampoline apparatus. We let both girls have a go at it and they were besides themselves with joy. Here’s a pic of Daisy in the harness to give you an idea.


Tabitha was able to do flips which made her dizzy but Daisy never did manage to turn over. She didn’t care though, she still had a great time.

Once home, Daisy played with her new stuff while I worked on her birthday dinner. It was two of her favorites which meant salad and alphabet soup. The cake was for dessert, of course. That pretty much ended the day of surprises :)


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One Response to “Now We Are Six (couldn’t resist)”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    February 24th, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    Sounds like a very fun day! Glad she had a good time.

    I remember so well when Tabitha turned six. It’s strange to think that when Daisy is the age Tabitha is now, Tabitha will be 18!