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Day of Daisy

By Tara Zandra | December 30, 2010

Yesterday Tabitha was with her Girl Scout troop all day. As in, we had to leave the house at 7, in the pouring rain, to take her. The went to Pasadena to work on decorating the floats for the Rose Parade. I did it in High School so I guess it’s just a rite of passage for living around here. When you watch the Rose Parade and see the flower adorning the Norton Simon Museum, my child worked on that specifically. She also worked on prep for our city’s float earlier this month.

Anyway, I turned the whole day into a day for Daisy. After we dropped Tabi off, I took Daisy to Yum Yum Donuts because everytime we drive by she says, “Hmmm, I want yummy donuts” so it seemed ideal for kicking off the day. Since I had to pull her out of bed to leave, she was still in night clothes plus a coat, so we took it to go and came home for her to play on the computer. She never gets to play on the computer in the morning so this was a treat for her. After more than 2 hours, she deemed herself ready to get ready for the day and head out. Our first stop was Chili’s as she had received a gift card there for Christmas. It’s her favorited restaurant and she talks about it all the time. On the kids’ menu there was the word elephant and the activity was to make words out of it. She came up with pant, pan, plant, ant, and hat which I thought was pretty good. After lunch, we went into the mall so she could go to the play area. She stayed about an hour before declaring it was time to go shopping. We went to the Disney Store because she had a gift card there plus cash. She went straight to the items she wanted and didn’t need to look around which is good, because the store was pretty empty. After paying, she asked me to open them and I told her I would later in the car so she said she was ready to go. We were supposed to go to the book store because she also has a gift card there, but since the day was about her, I wasn’t going to force her to go use her card. We decided to come home for a bit and Daisy played with her new fairies the whole time. Then she wanted to go to a McDonald’s play place so off we went. We had never been to this one, how there can be any we haven’t been to, I don’t know, and let me tell you, they had the most uncomfortable tables and chairs ever. Basically the benches were attached to the tables but they were too far under the table. Not a good position and I’m not nearly bendy enough. But I had Diet Coke and a good book, so I got over it. By the time we left it was time to get Tabitha.

She hadn’t had the best day and was frozen to the core so we came home and dumped her in a hot shower while I finished cooking dinner. Today we decided not to head out somewhere. I really need to work more on the house, but perhaps today we can use those gift cards at the book store since Tabitha has one too.

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