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Taking advantage

By Tara Zandra | December 28, 2010

The girls have this week off from dance so we’re taking advantage of not needing to be somewhere in the afternoons and going places. Monday we headed to the LA Zoo. We used to have a membership, but let it lapse 4 years ago. Since then we’ve only visited once but as of yesterday, we’re members again. The 3 of us had a great time exploring and much of it was new to Tabitha and me since they’ve been doing a ton of renovation. Surprisingly the traffic was non-existent in the morning so it started our day out wonderfully.

Today, that good fortune held out for us as we once again had no traffic. Today’s destination was the California Science Center. We’ve been going there quite a bit recently so I also purchased a membership there. Although it is technically free to get in, they do appreciate donations though, the membership will save me money on the girls’ homeschool classes plus I’d like Daisy to do summer day camp there. We completed our ongoing exploration of their new EcoSystems exhibits and were very pleased with everything. The Kelp Forest environment was like a small version of the Long Beach Aquarium and we found a lot of stuff to keep our interest. Unfortunately, due to all the heavy rains, the girls could not go climb rocks or play on the giant tree roots on the lawn. It was simply too muddy and slimey.

I got a new camera before Christmas and it has fish mode which is pretty cool.


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