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in my nature

By Tara Zandra | December 22, 2010

Quite a few years ago when my sister was about 9 years old, I made her a jointed, jester puppet out of plastic canvas. I finished it around 2 in the morning on Christmas Eve. Things have not changed. I had planned to sew my girls stuffed animals made out of the same fleece as the robes they received last year. It got put off and put off and now I’m down to the wire. However, I have come to the conclusion that they are not to be. Not only are the instructions a little hard for me (once again, Simplicity is quite the misnomer), but I don’t have enough of Tabitha’s fleece left. I can’t make a quick run to the fabric store because our closest one has closed and with this rain, I don’t really feel like driving yet another 20 miles gripping the wheel tightly. Not to mention, today is supposed to be the worst of the storms. I’m also not 100% sure they still have the fabric in store since it’s been a year. So, I’m giving myself permission to disappoint myself, but the trade off is I can spend today cleaning the house and grocery shopping and I will not have to lock myself into my room every night until Christmas. I’ll look for the fabric at my convenience and then sew the stuffed animals for their birthdays. Or maybe I won’t, we’ll see.

Yesterday we headed out to see my cousin who just had a new baby this month. I also wanted to deliver her kids’ Christmas presents plus I had an early present for the first born. We only stayed an hour as I didn’t want to wear out my cousin but it was a good visit. I got to see my aunt too, so that was a bonus. Afterwards, the girls and I met my mother at Islands for lunch. When we emerged from the restaurant, we got to experience the beginning of 2 hours of no rain. It was heavenly. At home, the kids vegged out doing whatever and I got started on picking up the dining room. I was in slow mode though and kept getting distracted. Once Chris got home, we took the girls to the dance studio for a holiday party for all the team members. It was drop-off so Chris and I ate a quick dinner at Togo’s and then finished up our shopping at Target. Except, of course we forgot one thing because that’s always the way. Very small and just a stocking stuffer, but I feel compelled to go back and get it. Anyway, once home again, I worked on the now defunct but not at the time sewing project and then got both kids in bed. Then it was wrapping presents with Chris while watching the Ace of Cakes Holiday Special. Eventually, sleep was to be had during which time the power went off at least twice and Chris was late to work. Nice start to today, huh? Due to all the gloom outside, I’m running my Christmas lights in the living room during the day to keep the holiday cheer going. It really does look lovely in there :)


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One Response to “in my nature”

  1. mariongns Says:
    December 23rd, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    Love the lights! I too have been running lights inside during the day….we have been getting high winds (no snow) and rain for days…our coastal areas have been compromised, but not nearly like your state has!
    Take care
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your family!