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rain, rain, go away

By Tara Zandra | December 21, 2010

And don’t bother coming back for awhile either. It’s supposed to taper off today and then give us a couple days of lovely sunshine. Right now, though, still raining. It’s bad enough that I bought the dog some sweaters. I am not a dress up your dog type of person and I had to set aside from serious self respect to make the purchase. But she’s old and looked rather pathetic. Now she’s cozy and more comfortable as I got her new pad to her dog house as well. Usually she pulls out anything we put inside but this seems to fit exact enough that she’s leaving it alone.

We’ve been having a lovely time this month. We did caroling at a convelescent home with our homeschool park group. We did another homeschool day at the ScienCenter. The little one’s age group was filled so it was just the big one who took the class on electricity. But friends went with us so Daisy had a playmate for the 2 hours and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We had our day at Disneyland just before all the rain started. We saw Mr. and Mrs. Claus, rode Small World Holiday, rose Haunted Mansion Holiday, shopped, oohed at the decorations, and took tons of pictures. We also watched the Christmas parade and stayed through the holiday fireworks and “snow.” We also bought a Christmas tree in there somewhere and it smells so good!

Yesterday we had a cookie exchange with some park day friends. I made Mickey Gingerbread Man cookies. To be honest, I didn’t make the dough, it was more about the shape for why I chose these cookies and I didn’t have time for a rolled dough to sit in the fridge for 3 hours. But let me tell you, if you want quick gingerbread cookies, the refrigerated Pillsbury gingerbread dough is delicious.

I also made various candies to hand out to friends and teachers. The cashew brittle was a hit with everyone which is always nice :)

Chris and I went to his company Christmas party last weekend (11th/12th). It was held at the JW Marriot at LA Live. Honestly, it wasn’t the best, and many people felt that way. If it were held there next year, we would definitely skip it as would a lot of people it seems. Therefore, I have to assume it won’t be held there next year and I can look forward to it. The small things would be dinner started at 7:30pm and the service was bad enough that we didn’t have entrees until 9:40pm. Some got theirs even later. These are pre-plated meals not, made to order. Plus, the food was just weird. Cold beet tarts were the salad course. Whole beets, I might add, which tasted like they hadn’t been washed. Also, the most tasteless tomatoes I have ever had. I salted them just to give them a flavor beyond red. Aside from that, the bar ran out of everything (that wasn’t really our complaint, but it was a big deal to others) and we were over-charged on parking by $13. When you’re already paying an arm and a leg with mandatory valet parking, that extra thirteen bucks is a lot. Oh, and to top it off, I and quite a few people were rather ill on Sunday so I’m guessing the food wasn’t properly handled.

But we got a whole other night out to ourselves this past Friday when my in-laws took the girls out for their annual Christmas dinner show. Chris and I headed to BJs armed with an early Christmas present in the form of a gift card from my mom, and we had a lovely meal. We had to wait a really long time due to it being Friday night, but they were very attentive to their waiting guests and even brought out slices of pizza for everyone to enjoy while waiting. We then proceeded to order tons of stuff off their small bites menu to split. So yummy.

Which brings us to today- 4 days until Christmas.


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